5 games like Among Us to play on Android

Among Us Cover
Among Us Cover (Image credit: Innersloth)

Among Us is the sleeper hit of 020. Originally released in 2018, it gained signficant popularity over the summer thanks to Twitch streamers, unseating Fall Guys as one of the most popular multiplayer games of the year. As fun as Among Us is, it's always good to take a break and try out different things.

We rounded up five games that are similar to Among Us, but have their own styles, premises, and identities. And if you're looking for wholly new games to try out, be sure to hit up our best Android games roundup!

Werewolf Online

In Werewolf Online, up to 16 players are split into teams, and the last team standing wins. To succeed, regardless of what team you're on, you'll need to approach things carefully, deceiving the villagers or uncovering the werewolves in your midst.

From that standpoint, it's a lot like Among Us, relying on lies and deception. You might find even more similarities between the two games the more you play, as I experienced.

Monetization is pretty iffy, though. You can purchase a battle pass, loot boxes, and premium currency. While not exactly predatory, the game just does its best to let you know that you can, in fact, spend money.

Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online is a fun alternative to its wildly popular counterpart, with all the same deception and manipulation involved. It's just a big bummer about the monetization.

Murderous Pursuits

Murderous Pursuits is an all-out murder fest in broad daylight, but you don't want to get caught. You and seven other players find yourselves on a Victorian-style airship. You'll receive orders on who to track down and kill, but the other players will be trying to find you.

You'll need to be stealthy, throwing off your pursuers and evading NPCs who will be watching your every move. You can even fool your pursuers into thinking that you're just another NPC! This is just a great game that I really enjoyed. No two sessions are ever the same.

Murderous Pursuits

Murderous Pursuits

Murderous Pursuits is a really fun take on the social deception fad that Among Us has popularized. It's a ton of fun and presses your stealth and awareness skills.

Town of Salem

If you like the discussion aspect of Among Us, then you might like Town of Salem. Players are organized into teams: Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutrals. There are over 33 roles, so no two games will ever be alike. The goal is simple: the townspeople try to figure out who the villains are, while the villains try to kill everyone.

The game has multiple phases, starting with Night where the nefarious players will try to do the dirty deeds, then Day where everyone discusses who might be evil, Defense where the accused try to prove their innocence, and Judgment where the other players decide the accused's fate.

Town Of Salem

Town of Salem - The Coven

With no two games being the same, Town of Salem takes the discussion aspect of Among Us and ups the ante with different phases. It's during some of these that the evil players will try to make their case!

Undercover ^^

Take a break from killing and check out Undercover ^^. It's a local multiplayer game perfect for parties. Players are divided amongst three groups: Civilians, Undercover, and Mr. White. Each player chooses a name for themselves and gets a secret word. Civilians all receive the same word, the Undercover gets a slightly different word, and Mr. White just gets ^^.

Players then take turns describing their word; Mr. White must improvise. Everyone then votes to oust the person whose description didn't quite match up. So brush up on your convincing skills if you end up as either the Undercover or Mr. White, because you're going to need them!


Undercover ^^

Showing off the power of words, Undercover ^^ is about fitting in and using deception to ensure you're not discovered. Whether you're in the in-group or outside of it, Undercover ^^ will be fun for all.

Hide Online

Hide Online

Source: Google Play Store (Image credit: Source: Google Play Store)

Hide Online is all about deception, where hunters try to kill the other players, who can disguise themselves as any prop. Their means of survival depend on their deception and/or escape skills. Props can also swap on the fly. Hunters will need to be eagle-eyed to find the best hiders.

And that's about it. Hide Online is one of the simpler games on this list, but I had a good time with it. And while there is no social deduction like in Among Us or some of the other entries here, players who love the thrill of hide-and-seek will find a lot to like about Hide Online.

Hide Online

Hide Online

Hide Online sees Hunters vs. Props in this game of deception and hide-and-seek. Hunters need to pay special attention to their environment to catch the hiders.

Impostors all around

Social games like Among Us are extra popular in these COVID-19 times for obvious reasons. Among Us in particular can also be a great time among friends or even strangers. The five games we've collected here either do something similar or they're just fun multiplayer titles centered around deception. Werewolf Online and Murderous Pursuits are particular favorites of ours.

Which one is your favorite? If you know any other Android games like Among Us, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Jordan Palmer