How to win more Among Us games: Best tips & tricks

Among Us Emergency Meeting
Among Us Emergency Meeting (Image credit: Android Central / Zackery Cuevas)

Among Us is the social deduction game that has captured the attention of the internet after it went viral over the summer. Thanks to the accessibility and availability of the game, everyone has jumped into the spacesuits of the colorful cosmonauts, no matter if they're playing on PC, Android, or iOS.

If already know how to play Among Us, and you're still having trouble winning or surviving a round, don't worry — we've got your back. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Among Us.

Among Us Tips & Tricks Tips for Crewmembers

Here are some tips for making the best of the situation if you're a Crewmember.

Learn your tasks — Being able to efficiently complete your tasks will help you and the crew achieve victory. Every map features a few tasks unique to the map. While most of the tasks are simple, being familiar with your list of chores will help you plan out what to do first and what to save for last. I like to keep a visual task in my queue for later if I need to prove my innocence to the crew.

Be mindful of your surroundings — As you're working, be sure to keep an eye on who working and who isn't. Also, take note of the rooms they're working in. If someone claims that they're working in Electrical, and you spotted them stalking in Admin, be sure to raise the flag.

Reporting bodies — It's best to report a body as soon as you see it. If you hesitate, another Crewmember might walk in on you and assume that it was you who committed the murder.

Make use of the emergency meeting — But use it sparingly! Call an emergency meeting only if you have something important to say. If you've figured out who the killer is or caught them in the act, call an emergency meeting and single out the perpetrator.

Among Us Tips & Tricks Tips for Imposters

Source: Android Central / Zackery Cuevas

These tips will help fledgling Imposters pull off some quality kills.

The art of the self-report — A good imposter kills quickly and efficiently. If you're alone with someone and can kill them, instead of running, you might want to report the body yourself. Doing so allows you to raise doubt in the rest of the crew. Be careful though — doing this too many times will arise suspicion on yourself.

Sabotage everything — Imposters have the unique ability to sabotage parts of the map. Sabotages include dimming the lights or interrupting communications but can also include life-threatening sabotages like damaging the O2 room or the Reactor. You can wipe a whole team out in one fell swoop if you're able to call sabotage a room on one side of the map while the crew is scrambling on the opposite end.

Get in and get out — Each map has a ventilation system that the Imposter can take advantage of. Some of the ventilation systems are connected and allow the Imposter to travel in between rooms. Just be careful as you resurface. You don't want to pop into a room with another Crewmember and expose yourself.

Be mindful of your cooldown — Your kill cooldown is how long the Imposter must wait before they can kill again. This is set by the host at the creation of the game. If you're the Imposter, make sure you're aware of how long you have to wait before killing again.

Among Us Tips & Tricks Tips for discussions

Among Us Accusations

Source: Innersloth (Image credit: Source: Innersloth)

Both Imposters and Crewmembers are able to participate in discussions.

For Crewmembers:

Ask questions and try to figure out where everyone has been and what they were doing. If you suspect someone of being the Imposter, ask them if they can prove their innocence, either with a strong alibi or a visual task. Sloppy Imposters may slip up, and when they do, you need to make sure you have the facts to back up your accusation.

For Imposters:

Run the interference! If someone is accusing someone of being an Imposter, pile up on that player. The best thing that could happen for an Imposter is if the crew latches onto an innocent member of the crew by accident. Always have an alibi, and gang up on players once accusations start flying. Just make sure you're not on the receiving end.

Among Us Tips & Tricks What to do if you're killed

Source: Android Central / Zackery Cuevas (Image credit: Source: Android Central / Zackery Cuevas)

Death is not the end! If you're a dead Crewmember, you can still help your team win by completing tasks. The only thing you can't do is fix any sabotages. Imposters can also still help any remaining Imposters by sabotaging the doors. They can't, however, sabotage anything life-threatening like the Reactor.

Tips and Tricks for Among Us

These tips and tricks should help you win more games in Among Us. Playing as a Crewmember or as an Imposter has its pros and cons. The more you play, the more comfortable you'll become with the different play styles. Among Us has become a huge hit and shows no signs of stopping. It's one of the best Android games available right now, perfect for any in-person or virtual gatherings.

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