Bring old unlocked phones to Google IO for the 'Android for Good' program

For those of you who love Google and almost everything they do (see: all of us), you're going to love this next bit.

Google is continuing its "Android for Good" program at Google I/O 2011 next week (we'll be there, by the way), meaning if you bring an unlocked device (like the G1, Nexus One, or Nexus S, for those of us here in the States) in good working condition, you can donate it and make sure someone in a developing country receives an Android smartphone.

There you have it, folks. Let's start changing lives, one Android phone at a time.

Source: The Official Google Code Blog

Joshua Munoz
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  • If I had a Nexus one I'd NEVER give it up...damn sprint and this silly evo (that I grew to love) . . . But this is a good idea by Google. And even better move is if they MATCH EACH PHONE donated.
  • Lol...theyre motto is do no evil, not do extra good
  • what about the monthly fees? who's gonna donate that..?
  • This is great!.. didn't know what to do with my extra Nexus S.
  • I'm not afraid to say it because I'm not on here to be Mr. POPULAR.... This is a fing stupid idea. What "developing" countries give a shit about having smart phones. I'm sure they'd be better off with clean water, food, and a muther fing bulletproof vest. Give me a break.
  • Another great use for those old phones is to give them to the Red Cross. They have a program where they can be re-distributed to people who may need to contact 911 services (for reasons like domestic abuse, etc.)
  • I'm pretty sure if u can't afford an android phone in a 3rd world country u can't afford the service
  • Don't worry about American tax payers will cover the cost!
  • Don't worry about American tax payers will cover the cost!
  • this is the most stupid thing ever, instead of giving the phones to someone who doesn't even have water or food (but can now check justin beiber's twitter page), sell the phones on ebay to a person who will actually use it (you're being green by doing this) and then donate the money (something that is actually usefull for starving people) so they can have food and water. I can't believe that anyone would be THAT stupid!!!!!!! PS. If anyone wants to donate an android phone, i'm looking for one!