Twitch Android Central

Gaming has always been a huge part of the Android ecosystem, and with the next generation of tablets and Android TV boxes supporting all kinds of new forms of gameplay it's only going to get better. Just about every week one of us is talking about a new thing we can't put down in our weekly app picks, keeping us tethered to one device or the other.

It's fun for us, and we're going to start sharing more of that experience with everyone. The best place to do that, for now, is Twitch.


For the uninitiated, Twitch is a fantastic video platform that caters to gamers. It's been built from the ground up to offer a place for gamers to broadcast and watch hundreds of games, and whether you're the one making or consuming the video there are some great tools in this service. Android can be a big part of both sides of the Twitch experience, and we're going to spend a little time this week talking about that. We're also going to be using Twitch for what it is made for, which is sharing the games we're already playing.

We're going to start slow and see where things go, but to start out we're going to be streaming a little bit of everything. We've got a shop full of all kinds of gamers using just about everything, so look forward to seeing broadcasts from phones, tablets, Android TV, and the best from Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even the Wii U. If that's your thing, be sure to give us a follow and settle in for some good times.