The very things that make Android phones appealing to folks who read Android blogs online — the open platform, side loading, rooting and the like — are also the very reasons why it suffers in adoption rates for the enterprise. Companies get scared when they read about the way clever users bypass any sort of security vendors try to put on the handsets. It's a tough spot, but in the end, we can't say we blame them. The phone you're hacking away at is insecure because of the modifications you made to it. Here at the Samsung Developers Conference, Peter from Centrify was kind enough to spend a few minutes to help us understand a little more.

Knox is one way to try and change the problems we mentioned above. Using what they call a trusted chain that boots and secures the device at start-up, and built on SE-Android (Security Enhanced) it's more than just a sandboxed container — it covers the whole device.

Samsung is all-in with the service. Already in place on the Note 3 and Galaxy S4 in Europe, it's coming to the S4 elsewhere and will even be rolled back to all the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 devices out there. We know many of you think of Knox as the bad guy, but be sure to watch and check out All Thing Knox to see why Knox is important.

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