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So this week was HTC week, and there was no shortage of stories about the launch of HTC's new hero devices, the One X and One S. We had reviews, previews, hands-on features, comparisons and everything in between. If you want to learn more about HTC's shiny new toys (and trust us, you do), be sure to check out the features list below.

Both devices are out now in Europe, and every major network in the UK is offering the both phones on-contract at subsidized prices. Stateside, the One S is rumored to launch on T-Mobile in late April, with the One X tipped to follow shortly after in early May.

In non-HTC news, Motorola revealed that the GSM/HSPA RAZR MAXX would be making its way to European shores from May. Consider our interest piqued. We're eager to see what kind of longevity Moto can deliver with a 3,300mAh pack and no battery-hogging LTE radio.

Check some highlights from past week's Android developments in Europe, Asia and beyond in the list below. And if you've got international news, you can tip us at the usual address.

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