Android 5.1 soak test begins for the 2014 Moto X on U.S. Cellular

2014 Moto X owners on US Cellular, there's some good news afoot. Motorola has started soak testing the Android 5.1 update for the 2014 Moto X on US Cellular, which means a full rollout shouldn't be too far off.

The news comes once again from Motorola's David Schuster over on Google Plus, however this is a bit of an odd one. US Cellular originally indicated that the 5.1 update was rolling out towards the end of May, but chances are that the rollout stopped to fix a bug or two and that's what this new soak test is for.

In any event, this soak test should mean that, assuming all goes well, we'll see a full rollout to the 2014 Moto X on US Cellular within the coming weeks.

Source: David Schuster (Google+)