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Android 4.2.2 update for Verizon Galaxy Nexus leaks out

The leaked build of Android 4.2.2 for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus we first saw over the weekend has just hit the internet courtesy of a member at XDA that has pulled the build directly from a Google OTA server. The update is meant to bring Galaxy Nexus users on big red up from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 -- build JDQ39 -- directly, with no fancy hoops. As we noted, this is an actual OTA file meant to be applied to stock and unrooted devices. This still doesn't mean the update is finalized or ready for release just yet, but it does give a whole bunch of legitimacy that the update is in its testing phases.

If you're interested in giving this update a go and have your Galaxy Nexus running on stock 4.1.1, you'll need to be rooted with a custom recovery -- or be able to temporarily boot a custom recovery -- to apply the update. If you're unsure on the process to accomplish either of those, head to the forums where we have some fantastic guides to walk you through it.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Forums

Source: XDA; Via: Droid-Life

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  • "If you're interested in giving this update a go and have your Galaxy Nexus running on stock 4.1.1, you'll need to be rooted with a custom recovery -- or be able to temporarily boot a custom recovery -- to apply the update. If you're unsure on the process to accomplish either of those, head to the forums where we have some fantastic guides to walk you through it." You don't need to be rooted or have a custom recovery. You can go into the stock recovery, select update from ADB, and then issue an adb sideload xxxx.img command and you're all set.
  • Indeed, if you're using the latest ADB and are handy with that, adb sideload should work with the stock recovery.
  • Glad it's in the first post... it's exactly what i posted over @ rootz....
  • Does this include the new radios?
  • I want to know about the radios too! Edit: Found new radios and flashing now. Will flash for the misses too later tonight. :-)
  • has the new radios and the new os in 2 separate download links.
    4.2.2: download from the articles at bottom of article highlighted in pink
  • Does anyone really care? How many people own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Honestly, GNex wasn't equipped with top of the range hardware when it came out, neither was it cheap or beautiful. Only developers and geeks like me bought it because it is a Nexus and it runs the latest version of Android. So why in the world would anyone buy a carrier branded Nexus phone which takes longer to get updated then a regular Samsung or HTC? Please someone enlighten me?!
  • Because for some people Verizon is the only option and at the time, the Galaxy Nexus was the best choice?
  • Both true statements. Not everybody buys the latest , greatest "it" phone every 2-3 months. I have been rolling with this since December 2011 (from an HTC EVO). I have been pretty happy with the device. My next upgrade is 9/2013, and I will probably wait until 2014 to use my upgrade.
  • In December 2011, there was literally no better device on any network, with either hardware or software. That was true for at least six months, making it one of the longest reigning single devices we've seen.
  • while it wasn't on verizon my Galaxy S2 would like to disagree with you on that statement.
  • And your GS2 would be wrong.
  • GPU and camera (until JB) in S2 was better than GNex, other than that the GNEX was equal or won in every category.
    Screen (vastly superior 1280x720 4.6" vs 800x480 4.3"),
    design (buttons, angles vs curves),
    software (ics then JB vs gingerbread with touchwiz),
    network (verizon LTE 80 mbps max vs sprint 21 mbps max),
    battery size and battery life,
    and only the TMOB S2 had NFC enabled. GNex was much better primarily because it was 6 months newer, so going backwards for Samsung would not have made sense.
  • The design is subjective. Keep in mind, only the international S2 had the home button. The US variants had capacitive buttons. But, I'm not sure anyone anywhere has ever experienced 80 mbps on verizon's LTE. Just like no one has experienced anywhere near 21 mpbs on sprint's wimax "4G". In my experience, battery life between the two phones has been a wash. But I never used Sprint's "4G", which helped my battery life tremendously. I was usually able to get through the day on a single charge on both phones, with similar usage.
  • LTE GNEX is better than LTE @ GS2 for a comparison.
  • Yep, the S3 didn't come out until 6 months after the GNex though, so comparing it to what was out at the time.
  • Exactly...dude is VERY misinformed. I just sold my LTE gnex for an N4. Loved my gnex. Love the N4 even more but mostly because I'm saving so much money compared to Verizon. LTE gnex is still a VERY capable device...I used it over my SGS3 as a daily driver. Still the best VZW device for tinkerers imo.
  • In Dec. 2011 this was the best phone on the market. Both from hardware and software standpoint, there was nothing better. It remained so until June/July 2012 when the S3 finally came to Verizon, and the S3 US version was marginally better than the GNex. (Also, everyone thought that it'd be treated like a true nexus, despite the CDMA radios). There was no HTC option at this time, they released the Droid Incredible 2 which was garbage. Until the DNA (October 2012) and Note 2 (November 2012), there were no clear devices better than the GNex. That's why the Nexus 4 being absent from Verizon was such a blow, because value wise, the GNex at $30 when the Note 2 came out, many people were still choosing the Gnex when they pulled it from the shelves. Now, without the HTC One, the S4 is the best option upcoming, assuming they lose the home button. Otherwise, more migration from Verizon to other carriers with better devices. From Dec 2011 to May of 2012 without a clear path to upgrade, it's sad that it's still the 3rd or 4th best device available on Verizon.
  • I bought it February of last year because, for one, I have Verizon, and because it was the best thing that they had at the moment. It's a Nexus, so I don't have to worry about Verizon giving me an update. CM 10.1
  • I'm on Verizon with unlimited data and the Galaxy Nexus has 4G LTE, Stock Android, and unlocked bootloader, and plenty of developer support. I'd rather have the Google Nexus, but not at the cost of giving up unlimited Verizon LTE data.
  • I actually got the GNex on Verizon for $.01 on Amazon because Sprint wanted $100 for it, so I switched networks. I don't have hundreds of dollars to drop on a phone every time I upgrade, and the SIII had just come out, so the GNex was a great phone for (almost) free. I also don't like the trend of gigantic screens, and the GNex was about as large as I can tolerate (if I want a tablet, I'll buy a tablet). I didn't know about Verizon's tendency to drag their feet on updates when I switched, so when it's upgrade time again, I may opt to return to Sprint to get "new customer" pricing again, hopefully on a high-level phone that's not got a 6" screen. All of that is to say that "I really care" because this is my daily driver for at least another year and a half. I think it is a great phone, with slightly lower specs than the SIII but all the same capabilities. I also think it is a beautiful phone because of its simple, sleek design, and an OS with no skins or bloatware. Thank you AndroidCentral for continuing to follow the news about the Verizon GNex. I hope you are enlightened.
  • I care...
  • I dumped that Verizon Galaxy Nexus and Verizon on June 24th 2012 thank God. I can't believe that useless device still exist on the bloatware network Big Red. My Galaxy Note 2 laughs everyday at any Nexus device even if it has 4.2.2. Still won't help it to have industry leading software and battery life like my Galaxy Note 2.
  • I think you forgot to tell us how it "bitch-slaps" or "pimp-slaps" or what ever "slaps" any phone on Verizon.
  • It can't really be industry-leading software if it's one version (two releases) behind, now can it?
  • If its 4.2.2 then its the latest os in line with with rest of nexus family. So its ahead all vzw android phones.
  • "I can't believe that useless device still exist " Just because a device is EOL'd, does not mean all they all just disappear overnight. You clearly think so, and it's hilarious that you do, because you're too stupid/conceited to get over your own ridiculous fanboy notions. "Still won't help it to have industry leading software and battery life like my Galaxy Note 2." Because you're comparing a phone that has a 1850 mAh battery to a "phablet" that has a 3100 mAh battery, almost double the capacity. No shit the Note 2 will have better battery life -__-
  • Good for you dropping Verizon,my kids wished I still had them on Verizon when we spent the weekend in Payson, AZ while my wife and I had LTE on our Gnex's and they only had 2G on Tmobile. We had 3G data in the mountains will loading pics during our snow day, did they have data? Hell no. You are blind if you think others can compare to the coverage VZW has, leave a major city and good luck even finding a cell phone store that isn't Verizon. Because you won't!LOL.
  • @richard I laugh at YOU nearly everytime you post. You're really a grown man? Never too old to troll? PS your Note 2 and whatever network SUCKS ASS because you use it.
  • I don't believe this. Next thing you are going to tell me is the Android Update Alliance actually meant something.
  • May be a stupid question...If we use a custom launcher will we notice any changes such as a lockscreen widget? That is one of the updates on 4.2, correct?
  • The launcher and the lockscreen do not meet. I'm running stock 4.2.2 on my VZW Gnex along with Nova Launcher. The lockscreen widgets are a separate feature. No worries.
  • What's the average time between a leak like this and the OTA update?
  • Now android can be hacked...
  • Derp. The only thing this is an argument for is non-removable batteries. The FROST technique requires access to the battery. By the way, no one is stealing phones to try to get your pictures or contact info. They want your credit card info and/or passwords, which are encrypted on the device. If they use this technique, the device is toast and they've gained nothing. The only practitioners of this technique that stand to gain by it are actual forensic investigators, looking for evidence of crimes. If you store your criminal activity on your phone, sorry you suck and deserve the consequences of whatever they get from your phone.
  • so when do you guys think this update is coming out