Android 3.2 GPL source code published, update should follow soon [Update: It's pushing out now for Wifi Xooms]

The rumors that the next version of Honeycomb being right around the corner look to be true, as today Android Open-Source Project engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru has pushed the GPL portions of the 3.2 source code to the AOSP tree.  Don't think this means that Honeycomb has been open-sourced -- this is just the bits used for the 3.2 update that are using the GPL license, which requires the source code to be available when the software is shipped.

For you developers out there, JBQ also gives build instructions (they haven't changed since last time) and warns that the binaries aren't likely to run on actual hardware, again like the 3.1 code.  While I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting the core of Honeycomb to be open-sourced, at least we know that the 3.2 update is on track and we should be seeing it soon.

Update: As pointed out in the comments below, the 3.2 update is rolling out now for Wifi users.  It's build number HTJ85B, has the application zooming feature we first saw yesterday, and the long-awaited SD card support.

Source: Android Building Google group; via +Jean-Baptiste Queru

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  • Just received my 3.2 update XOOM wifi sd card support for nonroot finally
  • got mine on xoom wifi
  • trolls...3.2 wasn't pushed yet..
  • Zoom for the Xoom. Thought that would have been a day one function. haha jk
  • Nothing yet...
  • SD card support?
    That's been available since 3.0.1. Blame it being late on the Xoom on Moto's lame chipset, not on Google.
  • Thats just not true.
  • >"That's been available since 3.0.1." No it has not
  • Yes it has been available since 3.0.1. I use it daily. Its worked for me since day one on my Acer Iconia A500.
  • 1) We are talking about the Xoom
    2) That is a hack job that Acer layered onto Honeycomb
  • The "hack job" was so successful that google adopted it. That's the beauty of Open Source. Besides, Acer wasn't the ONLY tablet with working USB and MicroSD. Take you Xoom blinders off, the world is passing you buy.
  • ok where is the love for us non-wifi user... ;-)
  • Check your carrier contract. "Big Red" doesn't mean Cupid. Last I checked, most carrier contracts contain strict "no love" language. ;-) What's that you want mobile internet service ANNND the device updated when the updates are readily available?!? Silly rabbit...tricks are for kids. :-P
  • Ouch..that hurts...... It's true.... but then again since this is a GED "Big Red" should not be in the picture, so it is Big G and Big M who are doing it to me this time... great I don't like 3 ways... lol
  • I'm not seeing an update for my Xoom WiFi.
  • I would like this zoom in feature on my tab. When do we get some love?!
  • How is anyone getting the new update since it isn't available from Motorola yet? I have check for an update and none is available. Just curious...
  • Will this be coming out for G-Slate??
  • Been checking hourly since 5pm today. Still no update.
  • They roll the update out in waves, peeps. Be patient.
  • Google waves suck you in and you drown If like you should sink down beneath I'll swim down Would you? You...
  • Maybe in a couple of weeks for us with 3g/4g versions? Or maybe they will install it when the 4g guts are installed
  • I finally got tired of the conflicting information regarding the xoom 3.2 upgrade status. Had a 3 way conference call with a Verizon representative and a technician at Motorola in the tablet lab. Unfortunately still no new news but also no false hopes such as some stated on this forum. Summary: (1) Verizon says email notifications will go out to those who submitted a request with them for the 4G upgrade. That will happen once Motorola gives them notice the upgrade is done and they are ready to receive the devices. Verizon didn't have any idea when that will be. The Motorola guy said in the middle of this summer. (I thought this is the middle of the summer!) (2) Motorola says the 3.2 upgrade is not available and not in the process of being rolled out. Timing is not available but once it is the posting will be put on the Motorola site. (3) The 3.2 upgrade will be rolled out to both wi-fi only devices and Verizon branded (over wi-fi), whether you have a contract with Verizon or not. I realize not much has changed but at least this is from both the horses mouths as of today. Still in wait and see mode.