Android 12L Beta 3 is available now for the Pixel 6 series with bug fixes

Google Pixel 6 Hero In Hand
Google Pixel 6 Hero In Hand (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

Update, Feb 9 (4:20 p.m. ET): Android 13L Beta 3 disappears from release notes

Update, Feb 9 (4:45 p.m. ET): Android 12L Beta 3 returns

What you need to know

  • Google releases the third beta for Android 12L.
  • The update includes a few bug fixes, including one that prevented the At a Glance widget from displaying weather info.
  • The update is available for Google Pixel smartphones, including the Pixel 6 series.

Google has just released the third Android 12L beta for Pixel smartphones, which now includes the Pixel 6. Like previous betas, the latest release includes a few bug fixes ahead of the full stable launch.

Among the bug fixes addressed with the release, Beta 3 fixes the At a Glance widget which would not display weather information for many users. You can see the list of bug fixes below as per the release notes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented weather information from showing in the system's At a glance widget. (Issue #210113641).
  • Fixed an issue where the screen off animation was not displayed consistently when turning off the device's screen. (Issue #210465289)
  • Fixed issues that caused the system launcher to crash when attempting to enter split-screen mode using the Pin to Top option. (Issue #209896931, Issue #211298556)

While not explicitly mentioned in the release notes, Mishaal Rahman, senior technical editor at Esper and former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers, highlights a few notable changes in the release. For example, quick settings toggles now appear smaller and fit in more columns on large-screen devices, which should make some users happy:

As part of the release, Google is also making the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro eligible for the beta program. To enroll your device, you can navigate to Google's Android beta site, and the device should show up among your eligible phones if it's attached to your Google account.

Once you enroll your Pixel 6, you can navigate to settings > system > advanced > system update on your phone to check for any new builds. However, be wary about installing the beta on your main driver, as it's still not stable and you're likely to encounter more bugs than usual.

Android 12L is expected to arrive on more devices, particularly since the update is meant to improve the system UI for tablets and the best foldable phones. However, aside from Pixel smartphones, the only other device to have access to Android 12L so far is the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro.

Update, Feb 9 (4:45 p.m. ET) ― It's back

As quickly as it left, release notes for Android 12L Beta 3 have returned and all is well with the world. Google tells Android Central that it was an error on the website.

Update, Feb 9 (4:20 p.m. ET) ― Something weird is happening with Android 12L Beta 3

It appears that Google has seemingly pulled the Android 12L Beta 3 just hours after it was released to the wild. Rahman pointed it out earlier, and mentions of the update have been removed from the release notes, along with Pixel 6 support.

Oddly enough, our own Chris Wedel still managed to enroll his Pixel 6 Pro into the beta program and is currently installing the beta 3 build on his device, so it doesn't seem like it has been completely pulled. Either way, we've reached out to Google to confirm if the update has been pulled or if this is just an error.

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