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 Screen Time Out

Ever find yourself reading a website or e-mail on your device and then out of no where the screen goes blank? Sometimes that pesky timeout for your screen can be way to short, or way to long for your preference, but luckily it is something that is extremely easy to change, and can be managed while on the go. The default screen time out is set to 30 seconds as a battery saver, but that is not ideal for all users, some want longer, and some want much longer, but fear not with a few simple steps you can make it however you need.  Follow these simple steps to take control of your screen time out.

  1. Go to settings, then display
  2. Change the time out setting to your preference
  3. Press the back button to save changes
  4. Sit back and relax

Now wasn't that simple? If you find yourself needing more time simply change it, and if you wish to go back to the standard 30 seconds, you can easily swap back to that as well. Pretty simple, huh?

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Android 101: How to change screen time out length


Does anyone make an app with the ability to customize the timeout length? I'd like 5 minutes instead of 2 or 10.

Robb: it's not exactly what you asked for, but I use a program called screebl. Basically it allows you keep your screen on based on how your phone is tilted. You can customize the angles/etc so that it shuts off the screen when you lay it flat, for instance, but keeps the screen on when you have it at angle (like when you're reading or looking at something). I've been using it for over a year and I love it, no more having to touch the screen or turn the screen back on when I'm in the middle of reading anything. There's a free version of it in the market, but it's well worth the $1.99 for the full version.
Hope this helps.

I've also been using Screebl for some time now. It is a standard on my phone and always one of the first things I install! I agree that supporting this app was well worth the donation for the full version.

I notice my setting defaults back to 15 seconds from time to time. Im wondering if it has something to do with some battery saving settings when I get low, but its kinda annoying. Im on a DX running GB, but its done it for some time. I don't run Juice Defender or anything like it, but it has to be something like that.

I've noticed the same thing, but only when I'm using Widget Locker. It didn't do that when I used WL in the past, but the problem began overnight. It's disappointing because it makes Widget Locker unusable to me right now. I wish it would save my usual setting of a 10 min screen timeout.

And what do you do if your phone completely ignores this setting? My Epic 4g can shutoff anywhere from 3-30+ seconds.

Good tip, but people should remember that if they want to make the screen time out delay longer, that they need to turn off the screen when they are done, otherwise they will use up their battery faster if they forget and just leave the screen on.

Are you SERIOUS? this is your brilliant, helpful advice? Idk if you created this thread in response to a common question that you misunderstood, that would be my guess, since I'm here via google with a similar question, and secondly, nobody would actually need this question answered. This is an Android forum, so the bar is set a little higher with the assumption that if you're here reading about your Android, you're more advanced than a first time any cellphone user otherwise i have some advice: You know how it's hard to hear the callers sometimes? Even worse you can't hear your ringer? Well Fear not, android phones come equipped with an app that synchs with a new piece of hardware FULLY BUILT AND INTEGRATED INTO THREE PHONE!! on the right side of the Phone is a lever that clicks up or down, and it raises the volume of both the ringer and the current call or active media. It's called the Volume Button™ (1983)®© and it is amazing! Just think, you control the signature wavelength of the soundwaves coming from your device with the click of a button! It sounds like science fiction, but it's science FACT.

Now that we've establishes how silly your explanation of the timeout option works, let's clarify what the intended question that people really need to know is:

Is it possible to change the application timeout duration, when the Phone freezes and the screen goes black or stays on the current screen, frozen for up to a minute. My Phone is starting to do it several times per day, and I'd like to just kill the running tasks and hard reboot from the bios or just the home screen. The one minute wait only to have a box pop upthat says app not responding wait or force close? And sometimes you bump wait or it lags and a previous touch on the screen will bump wait and you ate stuck again. It's quicker to just rip the battery out, but it can't be good for the Phone, and i lose my Web page and unsaved work.

Anyone know of an app or way to manipulate the timeoutt duration before force close is offered? I need this answer so bad. Thanks!