Among Us for Android: Everything you need to know to win on mobile

Among Us Accusations
Among Us Accusations (Image credit: Innersloth)

Among Us continues to be the little app that could, becoming one of the most popular games of 2020, despite originally releasing in 2018. Thanks to the game's availability, accessibility, and price, Among Us has become one of the most popular free Android games and one of the best Android games of the year.

Among Us is a simple game but has a surprising amount of depth once you dive into things. To bring you up to speed, here's everything you need to know to win on mobile.

Among Us for Android Customize to your liking

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Among Us offers many customization options that allow you to fine-tune the game to your liking. Everything can be tweaked to your preference — from the number of Imposters to the field of vision and walk speed. While it may be overwhelming at first, the game offers recommended settings to get you started, or you can use our recommended settings for optimal game sessions.

Once you're comfortable with game settings, you can even try mixing up the game with some of these custom game modes. These games don't play exactly as the developers intended, but they provide some variety to the overall game – just make sure everyone is willing to play along with the custom ruleset before starting.

Also, don't forget to customize your character before you start playing. You can select your color and choose from a few different hats to start (cause who doesn't love hats?) but you'll have to pay for other cosmetics. With some internal clock manipulation, you can also snag some Halloween and Christmas gear for free.

Among Us for Android It's all about the game and how you play it

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You may already know how to play Among Us before you even download the game. Among Us bears a striking resemblance to other social deduction games like Mafia or Werewolf. A crew of plucky cosmonauts must work together to complete tasks while one or more of the crew onboard is an Imposter. It's up to the crew to figure out who among them is not who they say they are before the unceremoniously slaughtered by an Imposter.

As you're working on tasks, make sure you keep an eye on who is and who isn't completing their tasks. Also, try to remember what rooms they entered. If you see someone enter the Admin Room, and they say they were in Electrical, be sure to raise a flag to your other crewmates.

Among Us for Android Fake it till you make it

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Imposters may arguably have the most active role in Among Us. They must pretend to do tasks while faking alibis to avoid detection and make a clean getaway after every kill. If you're an Imposter, you're your best to blend in with the crowd and pretend to actively complete tasks, just don't move around too randomly, or some of the crew might get suspicious.

Imposters can make use of the maps' ventilation systems to hop from one room to another. This helps them avoid detection as well as travel around the map faster than other players. An experience Imposter might wait until a survivor is alone in a room with a vent, kill the player when no one is around, and escape through the vents. Imposters can also report the bodies they kill as a way to throw the crew off of your trail. Imposters also have the unique ability to sabotage rooms and doors, which if not dealt with immediately, could cause a meltdown that wipes the whole team out instantly.

Imposters should also actively participate during discussions, as it's another way to eliminate players without drawing suspicion — just make sure you have an alibi first. Try and manipulate the crew against one another and sow the seeds of suspicion. Just make sure they don't trace the misinformation back to you.

Among Us for Android The end is not the end

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Even if you're unlucky enough to caught or if you got killed by an Imposter, the game doesn't end. In fact, you can help your team clutch a victory by helping them out as a ghost. In your spectral form, you can still complete tasks as normal, and every task you complete brings the crew one step closer to victory. As an imposter, you may not be able to sabotage rooms that result in an instant failure for the crew, but you can still sabotage doors, which might allow other Imposters to strike.

Among Us for Android Talk it out

Among Us Discussion

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Whether you're a crew member or an impostor, discussion is a key element of the game.

Crew members: Be sure to ask questions, pay attention to responses, and gather information. Press suspected impostors for their alibis or other proofs of their innocence. Be sure you can back up your accusations, otherwise, you might bring suspicion down on yourself.

Impostors: It's in your best interest to avoid suspicion as best as you can. Good impostors will know how to shirk blame and frame others, whether with solid alibis or just a convincing manner. If the crew has zeroed in on an innocent, stir them up and join the dogpile.

Among Us for Android Be aware of your surroundings

Among Us Task

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It goes without saying that Among Us players need to be aware of their surroundings, whether they're crew members or impostors. While the former complete tasks, it's important to complete them as quickly as you can since they take up most of the screen. Busy crew members make easy targets for the impostor.

Among Us for Android Safety in numbers (hopefully)

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Traveling in pairs or groups is another good way to stay above water, unless you pair up with the impostor. Be sure you at least somewhat trust the person(s) you're with, because you're that much harder to kill if the imposter happens upon you.

Having others with you who can vouch for you in case things get heated is also a good thing. Things will get accusatory in the chat when everyone is trying to uncover the impostor, so having backup is helpful. Lone wolf players, however, may find that it's best to be seen completing a task to solidify their alibis.

Among Us for Android Know the maps

Among Us Cafe

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There are three maps in Among Us: The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. Each has different sets of tasks, which we've broken down for you individually. Whether you're a crew member or an impostor, being aware of the map and its tasks are crucial to success. Impostors can take advantage of the ventilation systems better if they know where they're going and sabotage is easier if you know what to ruin; crew members can also react to sabotage faster if they know where everything is.

It's a little sus

Among Us is extremely popular right now, partially because it's a really simple game to pick up. It's certainly one of the best Android games you can play, and one of the best we've seen this year (despite being released in 2018).

It's a really fun game to play with friends and strangers for the most part, even if the social deduction can get really intense and heated. Plenty of memes have spawned from this game, it's still really popular on Twitch, and it's free to grab from the Play Store. So give it a shot and keep these tips in mind so that you can have the most successful games, both as a crew member and impostor.

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