Screen wars! AMOLED vs. S-LCD vs. LCD vs. Super AMOLED

HTC recently announced it was going to start outfitting certain handsets with SLCD screens rather than AMOLED, due to short supply of the latter. The SLCD screens may be easier more plentiful, but do they look as nice? The people over at Howard Forums put them to a test in a video comparison, with a Nexus One sporting an AMOLED screen, an HTC Desire with S-LCD, a Motorola Milestone with regular LCD and a Samsung Wave with Super-AMOLED. 

The conclusions:

All the displays were really good, they all had decent colour and respectable viewing angles. The super AMOLED was noticeably less reflective than the others and was blacker with the best viewing angles. Super LCD had similar detail in the rock face video and had a superior horizontal viewing angle compared to a regular AMOLED display. The AMOLED had slightly better blacks (you can't tell from the video - sorry) and slightly better vertical viewing angles. Both Super LCD and AMOLED were very reflective.

Can't wait to get our hands on some. Check out video of the test after the break. [HowardForums via Slashgear]

  • We already knew SAMOLED was the best screen
  • If you don't mind blurry text.
  • hmm, funny I don't notice this "problem" at all. Lemme check.......
    Nope, looks clear as day. ed. I just clicked on your link - you got to be kidding me! Did you write that article? Was that like a science project? Sean and Phil do the best tests: grab a couple phones and see which one looks better
  • What about the clarity when it comes to resolution? The LCD screens don't use the pentile format while the OLEDs do.
  • I really don't understand why testers find it necessary to compare screens at such extreme angles. If anything, wouldn't people prefer to have the screen be darker when viewed from the side like that for privacy? The only angles that should really matter are anything within 45 degrees of center. After that, who cares. I never use my phone at a more extreme angle than that. Also, I wish that someone would take a DSLR camera and take high quality pictures of the same image on each phone to get a good comparison shot, which would be viewable on a computer. YouTube videos suck for viewing comparisons.
  • The Super LCD seemed to have clearer text than the Super Amoled.
  • High contrast can cause eye strain when viewed for a prolonged period of time. That's why I always turn down my monitor's contrast while working and browsing the web. I think some medical institute should start to find out what's the best contrast and luminance for our eyes before we all buy in such better contrast better viewing angle tech selling points that don't even state if it's good for our eyes.
  • So SLCD is comparable with the current Amoled screen (pretty close call) and the Super Amoled is better than both (no shock). Would be really interesting to see the SLCD outdoors as this is the biggest weakness of the Amoled on the Desire etc. Ultimately though it seems that consumers should not feel hard done by due to the screen substitution HTC have had to make due to supply issues of Samsung's Amoled screens, which is good news.
  • Samsung should solve this PenTile problem for AMOLED and SAMOLED too. It's not good for text reading:
  • I am confused. The Nexus one is sold out and does not look to return but it is getting a new screen technology? How does this work?
  • Google are not selling it direct in the US. In other countries they are selling them through carriers like Vodaphone in the UK. This seems to apply to most of their 3.7" devices worldwide, likely to include the models announced today to be sold under their own brand in China.
  • Thanks, That is the first explanation I have seen. One article reads that the Nexus one is dead, then the next article reads that the Nexus one will have a new screen. Its like announcing a V6 for the PT cruiser.
  • I think I read it's still being sold in Europe.
  • @ Toro: The text isn't blurry on SAMOLED screens. Yes, it's slightly more jagged, but it is COMPLETELY readable.
  • LCD sucks, it's days are numbered!! OLED is the improved technology of the future !!
  • Has anyone done any shots of new screen up close while displaying text? I'd like to see how that behaves.
  • I love how some people talk about Pentile screens like they actually know what their talking about. I just read a 355 page book using the Kindle app on my Galaxy S and I didn't notice this blurry text some of you are referring to. Yes when you look at the screen under a microscope the edge of the text is a little blurry but who the fuck looks at there phone through a magnifying glass?