Amazon Fire TV

A handful of days after going up for initial pre-orders, Amazon's new and improved Fire TV set-top box is now available for purchase and immediate shipping. The new box, which carries the same design as the original but adds a faster processor, 4K video support and Echo-inspired "Alexa" voice actions, will set you back a smooth $99.

For those who are interested in some casual gaming with the Fire TV, Amazon is also offering a "Gaming Edition" of the new box that comes with a game controller, two games (Shovel Knight and Disney DuckTales: Remastered) and a 32GB microSD card for more storage. The bundle is a solid deal for what you get, at just $139 total.

If you don't need the power or gaming prowess of the full Fire TV, Amazon has also refreshed the Fire TV Stick with a voice control remote and the Alexa voice action features — at $49 it's a solid offering as well. If you really want to save the cash, you can get the simpler model with a standard non-voice remote for just $39 as well.

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