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Amazon will sell you a HTC Thunderbolt for $180, goes on sale at midnight

So, apparently some phone called the HTC Thunderbolt is coming out tomorrow. And some people are kind of excited for it for one reason or another. Well, Amazon will help you make the plunge into this LTE thing as they are now offering the TBolt for just $180 when signing up for a new or upgrade two-year contract. It should be noted that Amazon will likely hit you with an extra fee if you ETF, so keep that into account if you are prone to such things.

All jokes aside, pricing straight from Verizon will run you $250 for two-year contract, $320 for one-year contract, or $600 with no contract when the phone goes on sale tonight at midnight. The 4G is so close you can almost taste it. [Amazon Wireless (opens in new tab), Twitter (1), (2)]

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  • Can you do 1 year upgrades at additional cost?
  • I've tried, and can't find a way to do it. They basically have contract (2 years) and no contract options only.
  • I'm still trying to decide whether or not to use my upgrade or wait until something else comes out...Any suggestions?
  • $180 is way overpriced for this "last gen" hardware. Should be no more than $99 with 2yr contract.
  • Are you on crack? Oh, let me guess. You are one of those people who think this is the same phone as the EVO?
  • Leave.
  • I agree with you. The other two guys, you guys are morons. You are telling me you want to pay $180? All he suggest that the price should be dropped.
  • there's no way of adding a line to an account on amazon.. :( (turning an individual account into a family account)
  • Call Verizon to add a number to your account and change to a family plan. Then use that info when ordering this tonight. I did this with the dx with my wife and worked
  • Can I order the phone for $180 and not have a data plan attached to that line? Basically add a line for 9.99 and not use it.
  • @radgatt I know how you feel. I really want it and this is making me want it more. $180 sounds pretty freaking awesome. But I wonder how long this will be this price.
  • I've never purchased through a Verizon reseller. I have always gone through the corporate stores; however, saving $70 off the phone is too nice to pass up. From what I've read online, the _only_ additional T&C that AmazonWireless forces on their customers is an additional $250 ETF if the service is cancelled within 181 days. I called and spoke to a Verizon Wireless CSR and they confirmed that, from their point of view, I would be able to add/remove features from my add'l line on our family's Family Plan. The primary line would also be able to increase/decrease the package (i.e. increase/decrease shared minutes on the Family Plan) without any problem. They also confirmed that I could call and add Asurion insurance and/or extended warranty if I called Verizon within 30 days to add it. Furthermore, they confirmed that their store would handly all warranty service, provided that the reseller doesn't require warranty service to go through them (which Amazon doesn't appear to require). The CSR said that he couldn't speak for all resellers, but said that _some_ resellers occasionally add extra T&C that might limit what someone cannot due without incurring additional costs. All in all, Amazon appears to be pretty lean on their T&C. Unfortunately, AmazonWireless customer service closes at 9pm CST, so I can't call to check their side of the story before ordering. Does anyone know if AmazonWireless adds any other T&C to the Verizon service it resells?
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  • I just confirmed with associate at Best Buy they are price matching NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't think with online sales.
  • I ordered from amazon with the intent to transfer the phone to another line in my family plan. I would also like to know if anyone has done this with amazon wireless. Verizon told me the same thing as only slaps the $250 down is you disconnect service before 180 days. Doesn't say anything about having to keep the same number and phone together. Can anyone confirm?
  • I asked an amazon wireless customer service rep about doing this exact thing today and he said I would just have to activate it on the line with the upgrade then it can be transferred to the other line on the family plan. The only thing is that both lines have to stay connected for 180 days instead of just the one.
  • I called BB and they said they will not be lowering their price that it would be the same as verizons. they explained the online stores you dont get support. Hopefully they price match but i am not getting my hopes up. i will bring in my copy of the 99 dollar BB misprint ad.
  • I just ordered from Amazon and it went through. I'm not worrying about that ETF bc I've been with Verizon for years. The money I just saved is going towards some ACCESSORIES!! Yay!
  • You will have to keep that # call vzw and add a line to your plan without contract tell them that your new phone will be here in a few days but need another number for it (or add a line to an old blackberry for a few days) and then change it when ur new phone arrives. Then use this new# when ordering on Amazon for a 2year new contract. I have done this before
  • Best buy will not match online pricing or anyone that they dont consider a direct competitor.
  • I just got in on that plan for $69.99 450 minutes, unlimited txt + data, 5 friends and family. It was a special some people got emails for and text messages. You think if I sign up for 2 years new they will void this special? Anyone call and ask about this? VZW call center closed at 11pm est though says 1am on the site weird. thanks
  • I talked to vzw online sales today and they said we could keep that deal.
  • Its on back order!! Ships in 8-9 days...
  • This phone hasn't even been officially released and it has ALREADY been discounted! That's gotta be a record.
  • What's on backorder? I just placed my order at around 9pm AZ time and it went through, no status yet. I always order on VZW site but for this price I couldn't pass it. Specially since I'll be selling it when the Bionic hits if it does before my next upgrades in June.
  • Amazon shows it as back ordered at 12:56 AM EDT.
  • Damn, I guess I'll call them in the morning. I'll decide if I want to wait or cancel and order through VZW.
  • umm not only is it 70bucks cheaper but there is no freakin sales tax!! thats another 50 bucks in my pocket
  • di u think you can grandfather in with your with unlimited data on amazon?
  • How do I go about ordering this phone on a family plan from amazon? I have the main line (which is just a regular phone) and i want the tbolt on the secondary line. Will the tbolt still be that 180 price or will it be more expensive to get it on that second line?
  • Anyone know how long this $180 price is gonna be around?
  • I have a $50 New Every Two discount for the line I am upgrading. Will Amazon be able to honor this?
  • I was going to jump on the Amazon deal, but decided to check on my upgrade on VZW. With a 2yr contract, I can get the phone for $219 - $50 upgrade discount. So I just ordered the phone for $169.99+tax, total $180 shipped to my door in 2 days. Now to sell my Dinc on eBay.