Amazon Prime Video finally makes its way to Android TV

NVIDIA Shield Android TV interface
NVIDIA Shield Android TV interface (Image credit: Android Central)

Over the past few weeks, Amazon and Google have been at wits with one another. Google announced at the beginning of December that it had plans to pull the YouTube app from the Echo Show and Fire TV, and as we recently learned, Amazon used this same day to file trademarks for what appears to be its own YouTube competitor.

A few days after this, Amazon tried being the bigger company and said it'd once again start selling the Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra, and it now appears the online retail giant is offering yet another olive branch to Google by releasing a Prime Video app on Android TV.

Amazon's had a Prime Video app on the NVIDIA Shield TV since its release, but this is the first time we've seen any sign of it expanding to other Android TV-powered televisions/streaming boxes. The listing for the app on the Play Store looks a lot like the one that was recently released for the Apple TV, but at the time of this writing, you don't seem to be able to actually download it on any devices.

Amazon Prime Video for Android TV

Spotted by Android Police, the Prime Video Android TV app is not compatible with any devices. It's said that it's unable to install on the Nexus Player and other Android TV-powered tech, so it's possible Amazon isn't actually ready for a full launch quite yet.

Even so, the fact that we're now getting Prime Video for Android TV is still exciting. Not only is this good news for Prime subscribers that prefer Google's television platform, but this should also hopefully encourage Google to cease its ban of YouTube on Fire TV.

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