Kindle Fire

Amazon is rolling out a new feature today that lets web developers integrate a "Send to Kindle" button onto their websites. The button, much like the browser extensions before it, lets users send the page content to their Kindle account for reading later on other devices. Similar to the current Twitter, Facebook and Google+ buttons you see at the bottom of most website articles, Amazon is hoping developers will add in the "Send to Kindle" button as well. Articles saved with this method are then available for reading on any device -- Kindle or otherwise -- that has the Amazon Kindle app installed.

Considering the wide range of devices that Amazon has made its apps available on, these webpage buttons are likely to catch on quickly. For now, The Washington Post, TIME and Boing Boing have already integrated the buttons if you're curious about how they look and work. Be on the lookout for more sites to add them soon.

Source: Amazon; paidContent