Amazon Fire TV now shows on-screen info about movies and TV shows

The feature, which was previously available on Amazon's Kindle tablets, will be added to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick via a software update that starts rolling out today. X-Ray will be available for owners of those devices who use Amazon Instant Video to watch movies and TV shows. It accesses the data base of, also owned by Amazon, which displays information about said films and episodes directly on the screen when a button on the remote is used.

Some of the information displayed on the screen via X-Ray include the name of the actor playing a character on-screen, his or her previous credits, the back story behind characters in a movie or TV show, or even fun trivia about the film or show that's on the screen.

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Source: Amazon

  • This is available on the Amazon Instant Video App for Android. It's actually pretty cool. I didn't think I'd really use it, but it comes in handy when a catchy song comes on and you want more information about it.
  • Does XBMC have anything like this?
  • No Posted via the Android Central App
  • Seems like this should've been included day one Posted via the Android Central App powered by Droid Turbo