Amazon Fire TV with game controller and remote control

Amazon is swinging their Fire TV trademark at a small fan site, This sort of thing isn't uncommon and not entirely unexpected since the word "Fire" is included on Amazon's list of trademarks, but it's still unfortunate for the site owners, and perhaps a little overzealous on Amazon's part to be going after a fansite like that.

The Facebook page has to be deleted and domain rights have to be forked over to Amazon in 7 days. No word on the Twitter account. A new domain,, has already been put up, though old links may be a problem.). If you wanted to get really creative, you could speculate that Amazon wants to secure their identity in the news space. Or perhaps they just want to make sure that all address on the web with the words "fire" and "tv" redirect to their store listing for the Fire TV itself. Though this is probably more just a case of Amazon's lawyers being proactive and ensuring that their trademark isn't needlessly diluted.

We've managed to keep using the Android name in our domain, but let's say something similar were to happen here: what alternative domains would you like to see us use if we were to ever encounter the hypothetical wrath of Google's lawyers?

Source: AFTVNews

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