Amazon brings Audible integration to the Kindle app

Amazon is integrating professional narration into its Kindle app through a software update. The new version of the app allow you to switch from reading a book to an audiobook version of the same for as low as $0.99.

Amazon states that the new update makes it easier to switch from going through an ebook to listening mode with a single tap, without ever having to leave the Kindle app. The technology that Amazon is using to make this feature work seamlessly is called Whispersync for Voice (opens in new tab).

There are over 45,000 professionally narrated Audible titles in the Kindle store, and you can easily find accompanying audiobooks for ebooks in your Kindle library via Amazon's Matchmaker service (opens in new tab).

Upgrading to an Audible version isn't free, as most titles cost $0.99. Bestsellers in the Outlander series and The Hunger Games trilogy will set you back $3.99. Hit up the Play Store link below to download the latest version of the Kindle app.

What do you think of the service? Would you be interested in buying an audiobook version of an ebook to listen to while driving?

Source: Play Store

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Harish Jonnalagadda
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  • I'm just reading the article and have not tried this yet, but if this update will allow me the option of listening to my Kindle library versus reading the book then I'm all in. I also have a subscription to, but I find the selections over there to be a bit pricey. For .99 it's a least worth giving it a try.
  • If the quality is at least good, .99 will be great. I sometimes like to listen to books, but not enough to get an subscription.
  • It's not text to speech, it's the actual audio version of the book if it was made. But 99 cents?! Lol. The cheapest upgrade in my library is $5. I guess that's OK since you save a few bucks versus only having audio version. I want the day when Spotify for books arrives. I stream movies and music, why not audiobooks.
  • I like it. My wife uses a Kindle so, hopefully she will benefit from it. Posted via Android Central App
  • This is the android app they're talking about, I don't think current kindles even have speakers or headphone sockets do they? Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah pretty sure they do. My grandmother uses hers quite a bit.
  • They do; the Kindle's can be used to stream video via Amazon's service (which I still want w/out work-arounds for Android as a whole)...
  • I'd never connected the dots before (dumb, I know), but this really hammers home why the kindle app has never, and likely will never, get a "read aloud" feature à la Google play books. Because audible. I know it's not as good as a professional reading (usually...) but it's still a nice feature. Posted via Android Central App
  • For $.99, yes, this is great. I'd love to listen to the audiobook while I'm driving, and read other times. Any more than a dollar or two, and I'd feel ripped off, since I already paid for the book.
  • I love having this available but I noticed that of the 25 or so books that I have available for audio upgrade, there are as many that are in the $12.00 range as there are at at $.99 price. Still, it's something I'm likely to try at some point.
  • So for 99¢ your ebook will read by the Hal the machine and not some professional. No thanks. Audio books rule with production. Posted via Android Central App
  • Now, go back and read the article. Actually, just the first sentence will do. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hahahahahaha
  • Dammit....gotta love Amazon. They are sooooo far out in front of the e-reading competition, it's not even funny. In some ways more ahead than Google is in Search or Maps. C'mon, competitors! Step up! This is why, despite loving Calibre and the option to backup my books to epub, I won't drop Kindle probably ever. You lose so much.
  • I'm kinda wondering if it'll show up on the Audible app as well or if that is being kept separate. Anyone know?
  • Answered my own question. Purchased an upgrade and it is now showing up in my Audible library as well now.
  • It will now save you like $ 3 bucks or so to buy the ebook then upgrade to audio. Audible just turned kind of rip off-ish, more $ without ebook. Seems some 2way integration should be offered so if I buy an audiobook I get ebook "free."
  • Does anyone know what happened with that promotion amazon talked about months ago - that if you purchase a printed book you get the kindle edition for 99 cents ?
    This option is of extreme value too! I mean when in the world one can read all the books of choice , if not while stuck for hours in metropolitan traffic :) VZW Moto X
  • It's about time. When whispersync came out different authors were offering audio book deals for customers who bought a compatible Amazon ebook. I tried it with one of the books by Brandon Sanderson I hadn't read yet and it was exactly what I needed. This will be even better since it'll be part of the same app. Posted via Android Central App