After what seems like years smuggling grey market Echoes north of the border and using them with U.S. Amazon accounts (what, I never did that!), Canadians can now safely, and properly, use Amazon's Echo products with an Alexa assistant that's optimized for our "w-eh" of talking. Sorry.

Starting December 5, but available for pre-order now, Canadians can order the second-generation Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus. While the prices are slightly higher than their U.S. counterparts, due to exchange rates, introductory prices bring them down to a much more enticing level, and should help spur sales.

  • Echo: $129.99 ($99.99 right now)
  • Echo Plus: $199.99 ($169.99 right now)
  • Echo Dot: $69.99 ($49.99 right now)

Canadian developers and media companies have already commmitted to adding Alexa Skills in the coming days, including CBC, TELUS, theScore, TD Bank and more. Existing smart home services like Logitech Harmony and Philips Hue should also work with the Canadian versions of the Echo out of the box.

Amazon also announced that its Prime Music service is now available in Canada. While it's not the Music Unlimited offering that aims to rival Spotify and Google Play Music, it offers access to 1 million song at no additional cost as long as you're a Prime member.

Amazon Echo and Echo Plus review (2017)

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