There's no shortage of Alexa gadgets to choose from, but Amazon wants to make sure you've got access to as many options as possible. On March 28, the online shopping giant announced three new white-box reference devices that'll make it as easy as possible for more companies to kick out their own Alexa speakers and lamps.

Amazon partnered with original design manufacturers (ODMs) JUNLAM, Narui, and Adition to create the reference devices, and they include two speaker designs and one smart lamp.

Smart speakers that use Alexa are a dime-a-dozen, but smart lamps are still a rarity. Adition created the Amazon's reference lamp, and it's described as —

A smart home solution that gives soft, warm light with dimming support. It doubles as an Alexa-enabled smart speaker with a 2-mic solution, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for multiple music services.

It looks a lot like an Echo Plus that had its plastic body swapped out for a lamp, and I personally think the design is solid. The Alexa lamps that actually come to market won't look identical to what Adition's designed, but they'll likely have the same general shape and features.

The two smart speakers from JUNLAM and Narui are fairly generic-looking, and both offer a 2-microphone system, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and stereo speakers.

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