Alto's Adventure slides onto the Google Play Store

Alto's Adventure, the popular endless snowboarding game, has at last made its way to Android. The game sees you slide down a snowy mountain in an effort to catch your pack of escaped llamas. Alto's Adventure was previously only available on iPhone and iPad.

As you make your way down the mountain, catching llamas will earn you points. You can collect coins, and find special equipment to help you in your task and gain extra points. There are also tricks to perform, like mid-air flips as you sail across a chasm. But be sure to avoid obstacles like rocks and people.

On Android, Alto's Adventure is free-to-play. Rather than charge upfront, the game offers a one-time in-app purchase which doubles the amount of coins you collect, which costs $3.99. It's available in the game's Workshop section, found on its home screen.

You can grab Alto's Adventure on the Google Play Store now.