The Alcatel 5, 3V, and 1X will be announced on February 24

Mobile World Congress will be here before we know it, and among all of the companies announcing new products, Alcatel will be one of them. The company recently took to Twitter to shed some light on three of the phones we'll see, and they include the Alcatel 5, 3V, and 1X.

The Alcatel 5 is the company's flagship phone for 2018, and as you can see from the photo above, it adopts the "bezel-less" trend we've been seeing since last year. However, Alcatel takes a unique approach to this by having hardly any bezels anywhere aside from a large forehead near the top. It kind of looks like a reserve take on the Sharp Aquos Crystal from 2014, and this will easily be the most exciting of Alcatel's lineup.

We got a chance to go hands-on with the Alcatel 5 during CES in January, and while doing so learned that the phone with sell for around $300, have dual front-facing cameras, charge via USB-C, and offer some sort of face unlock feature similar to what we've seen from the iPhone X and OnePlus 5T.

As for the Alcatel 3V and 1X, these two phones feature much more traditional bodies. The 3V has rounded corners with what appears to be an 18:9 display, and unlike the Alcatel 5, has dual rear cameras. The 3V is said to be a "sub $200" phone, and if you want to go even lower, that's where the Alcatel 1X comes to play. The 1X will be in the "sub $100" price range and come with a fingerprint sensor, single rear camera, and microUSB for charging.

The phones look fine, but I'll be more interested in seeing if Alcatel addresses reports from last month where it was discovered that the default gallery app on many of its phones had been replaced with spamware.

In any case, based on what we have so far, are you interested in what Alcatel will be showing off in just a few days?

Some Alcatel phones had the default gallery app replaced with spamware

Joe Maring

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  • I kinda like that top bezel.
  • I kind of like the design of the 5. I can live with the largish top bezel if they remove the bottom bezel entirely. Depending on the specs, it might be a descent phone.
  • I'd prefer a little off the top, but added to the bottom.
  • Alcatel are trash phones. Lack of security updates and post sales support make this a no go for me.
  • The cheap prices mean you may have to settle for not getting updates
  • Nokia updates their devices. They aren't expensive by any stretch
  • I wouldn't call them trash phones because they have really nice build quality. But I will agree about the lack of support. Also, the cameras are sorely lacking.
  • The idols 5 looks impressive.
  • After the bloatware they pushed to their phones in the last 6 months (which can't be disabled) I'm never ever recommending an Alcatel to anyone else again.
  • I loved the idol 3 even though it took forever to upgrade. The 4s was an amazing device until 1) they stopped updating it and 2) the bloatware kicked in. I still think that phone is on marshmallow..shame
  • The 5 looks like a crossover of Sharp Crystal and an Xperia, the 3 looks like G6, and 1 like Moto G5 without the home button. I wonder which phones will they copy with their backs. That's what separates the cheap brands from the A-brands - they just copy other brands' designs to save money (among other fishy practices) rather than design something so seemingly ubiquitous and yet so important.