Aio Wireless

Aio Wireless, AT&T's prepaid brand that's soon to be rebranded to Cricket (once again), is adding free international texting to both of its top-tier plans. The add-on, which used to cost an extra $15 per month, gives unlimited international texting to 35 countries for no extra fee if you have a "Smart" or "Pro" level plan — costing $50 and $60 per month, respectively — from the carrier.

Aio Wireless Text

Aio's website reflects the change, and customers who have the plan have started to receive promotional text messages indicating that they can now contact their friends and family outside of the country for free. The fine print indicates that MMS is not supported, sadly, but this will be a big deal for those who want to stay in touch simply and don't want to spend a bundle or use a separate app for international communications.

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