ADWLauncher EX

On Android, your home screen and app drawer are collectively and commonly referred to as the "Launcher." And you're not stuck with the one that came with your phone. There are plenty of custom launchers out there. And you're going to want to check out the new ADWLauncher EX.

It brings a whole lot of custom UI goodness to your Android phone. For you old salts, bask in the glory that is ADWLauncher EX. It's based off the old ADW.Launcher code, but with more sex appeal. Five app drawer styles and behaviors, eight home screen transitions, new icons, fast presets -- you're going to want this.

ADWLauncher EX will cost you about $3.43 -- money well spent. Check out the video after the break, and there's more info and screen shots are at the source link. [JBThemes]