Edge Animate

Adobe has kicked off their Edge development tool suite today with the release of Edge Animate and PhoneGap -- tools designed to develop HTML5 and wean the Internet off of Flash, as well as package things up for smartphones. 

While this is exciting news for developers, its significance shouldn't be lost on the rest of us. I've been lamenting for weeks that Flash on the Internet won't ever die until easy to use and robust tools are provided, both to ease development time and costs as well as drive the platform (meaning pure HTML5 on the web) forward. The reason we ever needed Flash players on our computers or smartphones was because it was so easy to use it became the de facto web standard for interactive animations. Just because the Flash player for mobile was going the way of the dodo, didn't mean the existing content developers would abandon its use. Tools like the Edge suite are what it's going to take.

In addition to the full IDE for creating the content, Adobe has released a few other tools to assist web developers. Edge Inspect is a cross platform debugger, Edge WebFonts bundles over 500 free fonts (including two new fonts from Adobe) and the one we're pretty interested in -- PhoneGap. PhoneGap is a cloud based utility that can take HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript created with tools like Edge Animate and bundle it all up in an application for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, webOS, BlackBerry OS, Bada, or Symbian.

If you're a developer, be sure to head to Adobe's site, as Edge Animate is being offered for free as a promotion, and free beats $499 any day of the week. It looks like the gap left when Adobe killed off mobile Flash Player should be filling up nicely in short order. Quick -- someone tell Facebook.

Source: Adobe