Adobe is giving students and teachers free access to Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud (Image credit: Adobe)

What you need to know

  • Adobe is temporarily making Creative Cloud free for teachers and students.
  • The offer is aimed at enabling them to continue being productive as they work and study from home.
  • Students cannot individually avail the promo, however, as the application for access needs to be made by a university's IT admin.

As universities around the world shut their campuses and organizations ask their employees to work from home, many tech companies are making their products available to educational institutes free for use. Google and Microsoft have both made their large-scale communication and videoconferencing tools free for everyone, and now Adobe is temporarily giving free Creative Cloud access to students and teachers.

The subscription, which usually costs $79.49 per month, will give affected students and teachers access to the entire range of Adobe's applications, such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more. The temporary access will last until May 2020.

Unfortunately, however, making use of the offer isn't as simple as just signing up. Students and faculty can't avail the offer individually. Instead, the university's IT admin needs to contact Adobe via this form. Once that's done, Adobe will go over each individual request and inform the applicant of their decision to approve the request or not. The admin can then enable access for students and faculty once their organization's application has been approved.

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