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Let's face it: we all have to deal with those automated call systems from time to time. They can be particularly annoying if they block you from connecting directly to the person you are tying to get by entering an extension number.

Well, there is an easy and simple solution to this problem. You can create a contact and enter in the proper extension number. Using commas, you can force the phone to wait before entering in the next number; each comma will give about 2 seconds of delay.

Try it out, and hopefully this will make calling that one vital work contact you have a much less frustrating experience! Thanks to Android Central Forums user Qazme for the tip in this thread!  

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Adding pauses into contacts for dialing extensions


Thanks for the tips! These are the kind of things I would like to see in these 101 posts, instead of "adding a widget to the homescreen" etc. More about the little easter eggs in android and not the fundamentals that everybody knows about...

First! (Had to do it) i've been using pauses for a while now on my droid x, use it for my voicemail password. The x has an optoon to enter a pause (which also happens to be a , ) it also gives a couple other options tol (can't remember them off the top of my head)

-second :( (didn't send fast enough)...

This is a great tip. I kinda knew this could be done, but for some reason I never did it. I updated my numbers for work with extensions and it is SO much easier now!

When entering the contact's phone number, Ive noticed on my Hero that I can enter either the "P" for a pause, or "W" for wait, which will give me the option to send tones when ready. On a Smasung Moment, I noticed that when entering the phone number, if you hit the symbol button, you'll get the same options.

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what can i use to simply denote "Extension"?

ex. (800) 555-1212 x123

currently, it dials everything. i just want it to dial the main number and i'll dial the extension myself. maybe the ";" semicolon for prompt? other?


Looks like the semicolon (;) to prompt. Otherwise you'd need to make an entry for each extension you want to save as 800 555 1212,123

Not sure if that's what you mean though.

; works better, it is the wait command. Enter that before the extension and the sytem prompts you to send the digits. Much easier than calculating time for pause.

Use of the comma is also very helpful if you do not wish to have to put your voicemail password in when dialing to listen to your messages

I'm sorry folks, but I tried the commas on my G2 and it doesn't work. I tried the ; and that doesn't work either.

Any other ideas?

If i dail voice mail from my phone book (contacts) both the pasue and wait features work just fine. If i dial from the voicemail icon on the dial pad nothing happens any suggestions?

I've tried ; , p and w on my DroidX, but none of these worked for me. I have done this in the past on other cell phones with no issue. Could it be because I use Google Voice?

Likewise for me: none of these work (comma, semicolon, "w", or "p") on my Droid 3. I'm currently running current Android OS, and using Google Voice and Google Contacts. Help! I need this!

Same here. Did you get a reply on this? I do suspect using Google Voice to dial out is complicating the basic Android functionality.

It works great on Samsung S3 running the Jelliest of Beans 4.1.2.
It also worked great on my old Gingerbread phone.
The penguin on my desktop told me both these phones are running Android.

Very helpful, and worked like a charm.

I was initially confused, trying to enter it, 'cause the numbers panel shows up, when I go to edit a number ... but hit the "* # (" button, and you get options that include "pause," "wait," and "," - which probably all do the trick. I added two "pause"es, which showed up as two commas.