A little less than a month ago, Action Launcher v33 was released with a highlight feature called "AdaptiveZoom." AdaptiveZoom is a new app-opening animation that gradually fills your phone's screen with the background color of each app icon, and with v34, there's a new zoom animation that perfectly compliments it.

The new zoom animation features the same gradual zoom of AdaptiveZoom to reveal all of the apps present in a given folder, and when used alongside AdpativeZoom for opening individual apps, the end result looks darn good.

In other AdaptiveZoom news, the v34 update also introduces a new API to give developers more control over how their apps work with this. AdaptiveZoom can look a little messy if an app already features a branded launch screen, and with the API, developers will be able to ensure a much smoother and cleaner animation for folks using AdaptiveZoom.

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Action Launcher v34's new folder animation.

Sticking with the whole adaptive theme, Action Launcher v34 introduces a couple new tools for its AdaptivePack companion app. First off, a new "AdaptivePack Fallback" can be used on phones running Android Oreo. This will tell Action Launcher to prioritize an application's native icon if it's adaptive, but if it's not, a themed version will be used. Additionally, if an icon doesn't have a first-party adaptive icon and isn't supported by AdaptivePack, a "faux adaptive icon" will be used to ensure you've got adaptive icons no matter which apps you have.

Rounding all of this out, you'll also see Oreo's drag animation when moving apps around on your home screen, Action's Launcher's calendar icons are now adaptive, app boot time has been reduced, and the launcher as a whole is more stable to use.

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