New multitasking system that is fully customizable, just like a home screen

Action Launcher is receiving an update, at least in the beta channel for now, that adds a new swiping gesture called Quickpage, as well as a feature to access your drawers from anywhere in the phone. Users of Action Launcher are familiar with a swipe in from the left side of the home screen to reveal an app list, but in the latest beta you can now swipe in from the right edge to reveal Quickpage.

This drawer can contain anything that you would normally put on an Action Launcher home screen — shutters, covers, folders, shortcuts and widgets are all available. Pairing Quickpage with another new feature, 1-Swipe, and you have a brand new interface paradigm. 1-Swipe lets you access both left and right edge swipe-in drawers from anywhere on the phone, not just from the home screen. You can now use Quickpage, if you desire, instead of the standard Android multitasking menu.

If you want to give Action Launcher launcher a look, you can download the current stable version at the Play Store link above. If you're wanting to jump straight into the version 2.0 beta, follow the link below to the Action Launcher Google+ community and install the experimental build from there.

Source: +Chris Lacy

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