Acer reportedly looking to launch Intel powered smartphone before the year end

It's inevitable that we'll start to see more Intel powered Android devices as we move into 2013. But, the latest word to reach us from the far east suggests we may yet see another before this year is out. According to an article written by The China Post, Acer is hoping to launch their own Intel smartphone before the end of 2012. A potentially odd move if true, especially with CES taking place in early January. 

The news comes from Acer's Peter Shieh, during a launch event for the company's new S500 phone. While declining to comment on a release schedule, or any kind of hardware specs, Shieh did indicate that Acer plans to include their own cloud services on the device. If it all comes to pass, it will be another step in the right direction for Intel. It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise either. Acer and Intel are long standing partners in the personal computer space, so a move together into mobile is a pretty logical next step. 

Source: The China Post via Techradar

Richard Devine