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Acer has announced a successor to its entry-level C7 Chromebook, and in the process eliminated many of the negative points to the original. The new C720 will become the first Chromebook with Intel's new Haswell chip inside, and as with the recent MacBook Air upgrade we're going to see some impressive battery life as a result. 8.5 hours, if you listen to Acer. 

Gone from the original is the honking great hard drive, Acer has now included a 16GB SSD drive into the C720, all paired with 4GB of RAM. It's slimmer and lighter than the C7, has a USB 2.0 and 3.0 port on the side, and a respectible 1366x768 resolution display at 11.6 inches. A HDMI out port, a 'HD Webcam' and SD card slot pretty much completes the package. 

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the C720 over its rivals, such as the new HP Chromebook, remains the price. Acer is to sell the C720 for just $250, which is a ridiculously compelling price point for a laptop that basically promises all day battery life. Pre-orders are set to go live today at Best Buy and Amazon, no word on Google Play at this time. Acer also promises additional configurations in the coming weeks. 

via PC World