Acer Android Netbook Pictured in Real Life, Looks As You Think

Interested in seeing pictures of the dual-booting Acer Android Netbook? Look no further because we have the Acer Aspire One D250 in a slew of photos. The netbook is designed like every other netbook--small, portable, and cute. But how does a touchscreen mobile OS like Android translate to the land of monitors, trackpads, and keyboards? Reports are pointing to a little weird, but still manageable.

The experience is different because remember, there are no dedicated Android buttons--you'll have to make do with ESC and the trackpad. The Acer Aspire One D250 will boot in Android and provide the option to switch to Windows (it'll be offered in both XP and Vista versions). Unfortunately, it won't run Android Market but Acer is planning to release an App Market tailored for the D250's 1024x600 screen.

The Acer Aspire One D250 certainly has us intrigued. We're definitely thinking about buying one once it hits stores October 22nd. What about you?

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[via pocket-lint]

Casey Chan
  • Love it! Need more Windows to Android OS to MAC comparison articles. It's great to see innovation alive and well! It needs to have built-in GPS but I'm sure that's on the way.
  • I have to ask, yet again, why? Can anyone, anywhere, give me ANY reason why someone would want to run Android on a laptop/netbook other than these:
    * You're an Android developer;
    * You desperately want to be spoiled by seeing how blazingly fast an OS can be when it's run on vastly superior hardware to that which it was designed for;
    * You enjoy Rubik's Cubes, poorly made zippers, unskilled tech support representatives, and other frustrating things.
  • Why not? Android is innovative, someone should start using it. I actually need only browsing the internet, and my Nimbuzz. I also love Android. Whys shouldn't I using it? :)
  • i prefer a keyboard and hate touchscreens
    i also like that i can close the lid and my screen is protected..
    OCD? prolly
  • Try install ELIVE on any kind of slow machine instead of globally unsupported linux system. What's the repository for installing anything? Howto compile my own stuff? and U will see how things can work..