Tile launches 'Lost and Found' QR stickers to help retrieve your lost items

(Image credit: Tile)

What you need to know

  • Tile brings a new cost-effective tracking capability with QR stickers.
  • These Lost and Found labels utilize QR codes that can be attached to various items.
  • Someone who finds your item scans the QR code and is able to view return information.
  • These QR stickers can be configured from the Tile app and are battery-free.

Tile is profoundly known for its short trackers that already do a brilliant job in finding your lost gadgets or things like TWS earbuds, keys, or wallet, for example. In addition, Tile is now expanding the portfolio by adding QR labels that will allow users to track their lost items. The good thing about these "Lost and Found" labels is that they don't require any sort of battery or cloud services.

The QR labels are new stickers from Tile that can be slapped onto your products that often have a chance to get misplaced or lost in public spaces. Tile mentions various examples of losing products or gear such as tablets, lunchboxes, cycle helmets, and even water bottles for that matter.

Each QR code can be activated for free within Tile's native app available for Android devices and iOS platforms. You can assign the code with your address, phone number, or email so that whenever your gear with the linked QR code is lost somewhere, the person who finds it can know your specified information by scanning the QR label.

This is particularly handy but not as high-tech as other best trackers from Tile available out there. Also, it has its advantages as there is no battery required, unlike other Tile trackers. On the privacy front, there are no other cloud services linked as well. The company says these QR labels utilize adhesives to glue onto, and they are dishwasher-free and scratch resistant.

The downside, of course, is that you can't track these items yourself and are relying on someone else to track you down to return them.

Tile also insists they are pretty convenient in attaching and assigning to products on the go. The Lost and Found labels are sold at $14.99 in the U.S. for a pack of three. Each pack includes five stickers with QR codes and a handy text printed on it, which says "scan if found," defining the whole purpose of these stickers.

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