WiZ smart lights can detect motion without additional hardware

WiZ Smart Home Lights
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What you need to know

  • WiZ brings new Wi-Fi sensing technology dubbed SpaceSense.
  • It detects motion based on Wi-Fi radio waves and automatically turns on WiZ smart lights.
  • The SpaceSense was announced alongside enhancements to the WiZ app.
  • There are new WiZ hardware announcements, including a first outdoor unit.

WiZ has announced that it is expanding its product portfolio with the release of new smart lights next to a major update to its native app dubbed WiZ app V2. It is introducing a new SpaceSense technology, which is said to be a motion detection technology that uses Wi-Fi signals instead of sensors or batteries to automate lights across the company's product portfolio.

Backed by Signify, the new app has been redesigned from scratch for the first time since it launched in 2016. With the new design comes SpaceSense, a type of Wi-Fi sensing technology that allows devices to detect movement.

It does this by measuring disturbances in Wi-Fi radio waves. Since Wi-Fi usually travels in the form of these radio waves between devices, when a person moves between these waves, it creates a ripple effect, causing a disturbance that SpaceSense detects to automatically turn lights on. The lights will then be turned off when there is no motion detected.

A light turning on for a child

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It promises to work effectively and doesn't require the lights to rely on new hardware sensors or even batteries, for that matter.

The SpaceSense further comes with a sensitivity toggle that allows lights not to turn on automatically while your pets are roaming around across rooms, for instance. To make things work as promised, WiZ says consumers should buy at least "two lights per room" and connect them with the new app.

The whole SpaceSense process is done locally on the device without connecting to any cloud or internet. It also ensures that it doesn't send users' geographical location or scan their faces. Consumers purchasing new Connected by WiZ products from September 2021 and later are free to opt out of the new SpaceSense feature altogether. This also includes Phillips Smart LED lights and other OEM devices, many of which are compatible with the new feature.

Further, WiZ app V2, which will be available for Android devices and iOS platforms soon, also brings nifty features like a new user interface that promises improved control and simplicity. The company says that with only one tap, consumers can view all rooms on the home screen and check the status of lights. Other highlights include a Quick action toggle that allows users to set a personalized action for their lights. The New Light Scene management feature also adds many options and combinations to set the room by creating a customized scene, which additionally supports voice control.

As mentioned earlier, there are a bunch of products announced by the company that includes a WiZ Mobile Portable lamp, WiZ Pole Floor light ($89.99), WiZ Bar Linear Light Dual Pack ($89.99 includes 2 packs), an Outdoor String light ($119.99) and a Smart Button ($24.99).

The Mobile Portable lamp is a portable device featuring Dynamic Light modes and offers a dual zone design. It lets users choose different light colors and can create an ombre effect.

The Pole Floor light is a standing lamp that, when placed in the corner of a room, will create a "wide-angle wall-wash effect." The lamp can act as decorative light in the back of a living room sofa or a bed frame if positioned horizontally. Additionally, the lamp offers over 16 million colors and dual zones.

The WiZ Bar Linear Light Dual Pack also comes with support for millions of colors and is said to feature a slimmer form factor. The bar light allows users to tilt on its side "to adjust the light angle or connected to a second bar to double the effect." It is suggested to be an ideal choice for small spaces.

The String light is the first outdoor unit from the company that comprises 12 LED bulbs with support for the aforementioned Dynamic Light modes. It is ideal for outdoor spaces like a garden or a balcony and offers 16 million color options, besides being totally waterproof and weatherproof for rainy areas.

Lastly, Smart Button is a tiny accessory from WiZ that acts as a remote to control the lights with the click of a button. It is capable of sending wireless commands to smart lights and doesn't require Wi-Fi. The portable smart button can be stuck to any wall or a metal surface with magnets.

All new WiZ smart lights are compatible with the new WiZ app V2, which will be available by the end of this month along with SpaceSense. The exception is the outdoor string light, which will be available in October.

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