What is eero internet backup?

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What is eero internet backup?

Amazon has added a feature called eero Internet Backup to its eero Plus subscription service. This allows customers with eero Wi-Fi to switch to a backup internet connection quickly and easily in the event of an internet outage. This keeps allows you to keep your devices online and working before the system automatically switches back to your primary internet source when it comes online.

Keep your eero network connected with eero Internet Backup

We've come to rely a great deal on our home internet connections thanks to continued investment from ISPs improving speeds enough that cord-cutters could ditch cable, security systems could abandon tapes, and some employees could quit driving to the office. Despite this, many people still only have a single source for their internet connection and while many of the best phone plans come with some hotspot data, using a mobile hotspot point is an imperfect solution.

The first thought for many would be to simply use the mobile hotspot feature on their smartphone until the internet connection comes back. Mobile hotspots on modern phones have gotten fast enough that there's not a whole lot you couldn't get done, especially if you have quick data speeds with premium data. The problem is that you're limited to a small number of devices, sometimes a single device at once, and that device needs to be specifically connected to your hotspot's SSID. This costs valuable time and means you need to keep checking whether your internet is back online.

Internet Backup is a feature bundled with eero Plus that enables users to quickly switch to another internet source, like a mobile hotspot, in the event of an outage. This allows you to keep using your network as usual on all of your devices, and depending on the quality of your hotspot, may not even be a significantly degraded experience. Internet Backup can also detect when your primary connection comes back online and seamlessly switch back to it.

Internet backup also allows you to pick and choose which devices are allowed to connect online so you don't risk overloading your hotspot.

You need to be an eero Plus subscriber to use this feature which comes in at $9.99 per month or $99 per year. While this can feel a bit steep for a feature that's available on several other brands of Wi-Fi routers, eero's ease of use makes what was previously an advanced feature on other systems into one just about anyone could set up in a couple of minutes.

If you use a Ring security system (also owned by Amazon), you may be familiar with a similar feature included with Ring Protect Pro plans. Ring Alarm Pro even works as an eero. This feature is different however as with your Ring Alarm Pro subscription, you get 3GB of data per month while the eero solution simply uses data from a source you already have.

Do you need 5G for eero Internet Backup

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If you live in the country, you probably experience more internet outages than someone living in an urban or suburban area. When you live in the country, there are a lot of things that can knock the internet out for hours such as a construction crew with an auger or a tree limb coming down on your fiber line during a storm. The problem with that is that LTE and 5G coverage is weaker in the country as well. To use eero Internet Backup smoothly, you'll want to use as fast a connection as possible. You don't need 5G to use eero Internet Backup but the extra speed could make it a more seamless experience.

One thing to consider is that data plans with premium data may perform significantly better during a more widespread outage since many of your neighbors will be using the data on their phones until the internet comes back.

If you don't have a ton of speed on your hotspot, you could hold off on data-intensive applications like streaming video or downloading PS5 games until your primary connection comes back. You could also simply restrict your devices to those you need the most in your eero Internet Backup settings.

When is it time to look for a new ISP for your eero system?

Even if you've got a fast eero capable of gigabit speeds, as I saw in my eero 6+ review, it's only ever as good as the internet connection behind it. If you're internet connection frequently goes out and your ISP is unwilling to properly invest in improving it, it may be time to look for a new provider. Cable providers will try to wow you with high download speeds and TV bundles, but if you've got frequent disconnects or ping spikes, the aging coaxial cables may not be up to the job.

Fiber internet connections are largely superior for what most people want out of their connections with strong speeds, both up and down, and typically lower pings than cable or FWA (fixed wireless access) solutions like T-Mobile 5G Home. That being said, a consistent and reliable connection is possible from any of these sources and cable has made up a lot of ground with the latest modem tech.

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