Save on your heating bill with Amazon's Smart Thermostat Black Friday deal

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One of the first things you'll love about upgrading to a smart thermostat is just how easy it is to stay in control of the temperature inside. This is true of the Amazon Smart Thermostat as well as the Alexa app offering quick controls that work reliably over WI-Fi. As it's from Amazon, this thermostat also works with Alexa so you can turn on the heat or just circulate the air a bit by turning on the fan without even getting up. You don't even need to take your hands out from under your blanket to do so.

Amazon Smart Thermostat: $59.99

Amazon Smart Thermostat: $59.99 $41.99 at Amazon

Take control of your home's heating and cooling with the Amazon Smart Thermostat. Control it from your phone or with Alexa so you can keep your home the perfect temperature without getting up.

Amazon Smart Thermostat with C-Wire Power Adapter: $84.98

Amazon Smart Thermostat with C-Wire Power Adapter: $84.98 $56.99 at Amazon

If you're ready to upgrade but don't have a c-wire, this bundle with a power adapter can provide the signal your Amazon Smart Thermostat needs to work.

Many energy companies are offering rebates or discounts for smart thermostats as well so you might be able to further make up some of the cost of the thermostat. Many of these rebates have time limits however so you should set it up sooner rather than later. With the Alexa app, you can set it up on your phone and easily take over management on a new device if you decide to take advantage of a Black Friday phone deal on Amazon.

Amazon Smart Thermostat Review Wiring

(Image credit: Samuel Contreras / Android Central)

As I saw in my Amazon Smart Thermostat review, this compact thermostat is easy to read from a distance with big clear text and colorful icons so you can quickly tell if the heat is running. Of course, the same is true with the air conditioning when the summer rolls back around. In fact, in my apartment with large windows facing east, simply setting the Amazon Smart Thermostat to circulate the air for a few minutes each hour helped to keep the temperature inside consistent and seemed to run the AC a little less.

Setting up the Amazon Smart Thermostat is a quick process that even an inexperienced person should be able to wrap up the installation in under an hour including setting up the software. You will use the Alexa app to set up everything. If you've already got some Amazon devices in your home, you can just open the app to get started. 

The Alexa app will provide a guided installation with images to keep things easy. If you're comfortable drilling three holes in drywall, you'll probably feel comfortable doing the entire installation. If not, you can hire an Amazon installation tech in some areas or simply reach out to a local HVAC installer.

One other thing to note is that you'll need a c-wire for all of this to work. The c-wire provides the power needed to run the thermostat and is common in most newer homes. If you don't have one, you can grab a bundle with a c-wire adapter, which is also on sale.

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