Your Ring video doorbell just became more secure

Ring Video Doorbell 4
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What you need to know

  • Ring is now supporting end-to-end video encryption for its battery-powered camera devices.
  • The feature was introduced in 2021 for wired versions of Ring's camera-enabled product line.
  • Ring is also introducing a Deactivated Device State to retain events and videos even after you remove it from your account. 

Ring makes some of the most popular home security devices for smart homeowners. The company offers an ecosystem of products that range from video doorbells and cameras to lights and sensors. In an effort to deepen the secure nature of these products, Ring is bringing end-to-end video encryption to more of its product line.

Today, Ring is announcing that it is rolling out this feature to its battery-enabled camera devices to align with their wired counterparts, which picked up the end-to-end encryption in July 2021. The additional security is a welcomed development as Ring has had a few moments in the news, as recently as July 2022, when video footage was being handed over to law enforcement without consent.

"Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded support for video End-to-End Encryption to battery-powered devices. This brings an advanced encryption option to some of our most popular and affordable products, worldwide. We believe we should offer a full range of privacy options to as many customers as possible. And we know that different devices make sense for different living situations. That's why we've worked hard to bring this industry-leading privacy feature to as many of our camera and doorbell products as possible."

Ring already has instructions users can follow to enable end-to-end encryption on their devices.

Ring Video Doorbell 4

(Image credit: Android Central)

In addition to bringing added security to some of the best Ring devices available, the company is also allowing users to retain events or videos before removing a product from their account. Ring is calling the feature Deactivated Device State, and it is meant to let owners continue accessing content even after the device is removed or transferred to another owner.

The feature is becoming part of the Remove Device Flow, designed to help make it easy for Ring product users to remove products from their accounts. Whether you no longer use it or are upgrading, with the new Deactivated Device State, you can choose to keep or delete all events and related videos from that product.

Both of these features will bring added flexibility for users to maintain control over their content. The new end-to-end encryption for battery-powered devices, such as the Ring Video Doorbell 4 or Ring Stick Up Cam, adds a layer of much-needed security. The Deactivated Device State allows people to keep recordings for future use even if the device doesn't have one in their account.

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