Ring unveils an intercom extension to remotely control access to your home

Ring intercom on the wall
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What you need to know

  • Ring has announced a new battery-powered intercom extension for apartments.
  • Ring Intercom is a Wi-Fi-connected smart home device that lets you remotely control access to your home.
  • However, it will not be released in the United States until 2023.

Ring has introduced a new Wi-Fi-connected, battery-powered intercom extension that's meant to control access to your apartment remotely while you're out and about.

The Amazon-owned company will start selling Ring Intercom on September 28 in the UK for £119.99, with shipping slated to begin on October 26. Customers in the United States will have to wait a little longer, as it won't be available until 2023.

Ring says its new product works with compatible audio intercom systems, giving "apartment dwellers the freedom to speak to whoever buzzes their building entrance and provide remote access to the building entrance, whether home or away."

Ring Intercom works with the same app that supports many of Ring's wireless security cameras with two-way audio. This gives you full control of your abode through the Ring app, so you'll get alerts for attempted break-ins or grant trusted visitors access to your home while you're away. This is done through Intercom's Remote Unlock feature.

You'll be able to see an overview of missed and answered intercom calls via the activity log in the Ring app. The intercom system also lets you share access with your household members, allowing them to speak with anyone who presses the intercom.

Ring intercom on a wall

(Image credit: Ring)

The product is compatible with many of the best Alexa devices. This means you'll be able to interact with visitors hands-free, assuming you've connected Ring Intercom with your Echo Show 8 or the Echo (4th Gen) smart speaker.

For Amazon deliveries, you can turn on an optional feature to allow verified drivers to leave your parcel inside a pre-determined place in the building during a time-bound interval if you're out of town.

Soon, Amazon will roll out a feature that enables verified guests to waltz into your home using virtual keys. You can easily revoke the security key at any time for security.

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