Google fixes slow Nest Wifi Pro speeds in new update, but there's a catch

Taking a look at the Google Nest WiFi Pro at the Google Fall 2022 event
(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has released a new update for the Nest Wifi Pro to address slow internet speeds.
  • A bug in the router previously capped its speeds to a paltry 50Mbps for early adopters.
  • However, a known issue with the Google Home app's built-in speed tester remains in place.

Google has released a new software update to address an issue with the recently launched Nest WiFi Pro mesh router system, fixing a bug that limited the router's speeds and prevented early adopters from experiencing its full gigabit connection.

The latest update includes fixes for low speeds for users with PPPoE settings, as well as general stability and performance improvements (via 9to5Google). Google's new Nest Wifi Pro promised to deliver full Wi-Fi 6E speeds, topping out at 5.4Gbps with dual gigabit Ethernet on every node. 

This capability puts it in the same league as many of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers, except for one glaring issue: speeds were capped at 50Mbps. In some cases, users reported that their old WiFi 5 Nest mesh routers outperformed the new device in speed tests. Thankfully, this odd restriction is now gone courtesy of Google's latest update, which bumps the firmware version to 1.63.324946.

However, an issue with the Google Home app's built-in speed test tool remains unresolved. According to a Google Nest Help page, this is a known issue that may return lower-than-expected speed test results if your internet plan is 500Mbps or higher. Google vows to fix this in a future software release.

It should be noted that this problem has no bearing on the actual speeds of your internet connection. If you use other speed test apps, you should get a more accurate result.

While the bug currently affects internet plans with speeds faster than 500 Mbps, you should be fine if yours is below that speed. Google did not disclose the culprit behind it, but hopefully, Nest WiFi Pro owners will have peace of mind soon.

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