Level up your smart home with 44% OFF the tiny Amazon Echo Dot (for a limited time)

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Setting up a smart home is more accessible than ever, especially with smart speaker deals like this one. For a limited time, Amazon has launched a sale on the Echo Dot (5th Gen), cutting 44% off of the smart speaker's already low sticker price. The fifth-generation Echo Dot has an even better speaker than earlier models, and it's available in charcoal, deep sea blue, and glacier white. Whether you're adding to an existing Amazon Echo ecosystem or starting fresh, the Echo Dot makes it super easy to expand your home's Wi-Fi coverage, access Alexa, and control other Amazon smart home devices.

Echo Dot (5th Gen):$49.99$27.99 at Amazon

Echo Dot (5th Gen): $49.99 $27.99 at Amazon

The Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) is currently 44% off, or $22 cheaper than the normal sticker price. From increasing your home's Wi-Fi coverage to the convenience of having Alexa and smart home controls easily accessible, the Echo Dot is a great, affordable option to start with when developing your smart home—or a good one to expand your home's current Amazon ecosystem.

Price comparison: $27.99 - Best Buy

✅Recommended if: you're looking for a simple, user-friendly smart speaker for your home; you're already a user of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant or smart home ecosystem; you're looking for a smart home device that includes a temperature sensor.

❌Skip this deal if: you prefer a smart speaker that includes a 3.5mm input; you're looking for a larger smart speaker with more volume.

The small Echo Dot is a great little smart speaker, offering the whole range of smart home functionality that Amazon's devices have become known for. The temperature sensor makes it compatible with Amazon's suite of smart home automation controls, and it can even be used to extend your Wi-Fi network further around your house.

The main downside to this Echo Dot generation is that Amazon got rid of the 3.5mm input, so if that's a priority for you, it might be worth considering the 4th Gen instead.

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