How many people can the Amazon Halo Rise track at once?

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How many people can the Amazon Halo Rise track at once?

Best answer: Just one. The Amazon Halo Rise is a bedtime sleep tracker that is designed to track the individual closest to it and no one else. That means even if you’re sleeping beside someone, or in a room with multiple people, as long as it’s positioned correctly, it will only track your personal sleep stats. It does not capture images or sound, only using its built-in sensors to track your movement. If you have a pet that sleeps with you, however, this can impact the results.

What is the Amazon Halo Rise and how does it track?

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The Amazon Halo Rise is a bedside sleep tracker that sits on your bedside night table. In addition to tracking your sleep, it also includes a wake-up light and smart alarm. It works alongside the Halo app on your smartphone. Once enough data is collected, you can review information about your night’s sleep and receive recommendations to help you improve your sleep quality and duration. 

The Amazon Halo Rise uses a no-contact sensor and machine learning to measure your body movements as well as your breathing to calculate the time you spend in each of the core sleep stages: light, deep, REM, and periods of wakefulness. It also monitors the temperature in the room along with humidity and light to advise if any of these factors might contribute to things like poor sleep quality. 

It’s important to place the Amazon Halo Rise in the proper spot to ensure that it tracks properly. It needs to be on your side of the bed with the metal stand at the same height or up to 8 inches above your mattress. It should be facing your upper body and be situated about an arm’s length away from you. You should not have any objects but bedding between you and the tracker. Once set up properly, it will only track the person closest to the device, on the same side of the bed. 

Keep in mind that, as noted, a pet that sleeps with you could skew the results. If the pet sleeps or jumps on the bed when you aren’t in it, this can also trigger sleep tracking and lead to inaccurate data. There is no camera or microphone in the unit, and you can turn off sleep tracking at any time. 

The wake-up light that’s built into the device gradually illuminates leading up to your specified wake-up time, simulating a sunrise to help you arise feeling refreshed. You can also leverage the Smart Alarm, which will sense when you are in the right sleep stage to be awoken versus waking you when you’re in a state of deep sleep, for example. 

Since the Amazon device works with Alexa, you can use a compatible smart Alexa-enabled device and your voice to control things like the light and music you want to listen to once you wake up. You can also ask to hear a sleep summary or set routines. Test its accuracy by comparing the sleep stats from this device with one of the best fitness trackers with sleep tracking. 

The Amazon Halo Rise requires a Halo membership, but it comes with six months after which it will automatically renew at $3.99 per month.

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