Nothing 'Ear' and 'Ear a' specs and pricing leak ahead of launch

Nothing Ear (2) earbuds review on red background
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What you need to know

  • A leak has surfaced regarding Nothing's recently confirmed "Ear" and "Ear a" devices.
  • The "Ear" seems positioned as the "higher-end" variant, offering ANC, dual connections, and an IP54 waterproof rating.
  • The "Ear a" will likely fall on the cheaper side with a design that mirrors its higher-end sibling and a new "eco-friendly" yellow colorway.
  • Estimations suggest the "Ear" could arrive with a $162 price tag while the "Ear a" could receive a price at or below $108.

Shortly after Nothing confirmed two earbud products this year, a newly surfaced leak suggests pricing and other specifications.

According to Android Headlines, the Nothing Ear is poised to be the "higher-end" device of the two devices launching later in April. Design-wise, the buds don't divert much from the likes of the Ear 2, which launched last year. Leaked imaging suggests users will see the same transparent design on the earbuds with the stabilizer stem to help keep it in your ear.

The leak adds that the upcoming "Ear" buds will feature ANC (active noise cancellation), dual connection, and an IP54 waterproof rating.

The case appears largely the same, as well, from the supposed product photos. It appears that Nothing has fully colored the inside of the case instead of featuring spots of transparency like its predecessor. Moreover, the leak suggests the company has dropped the "Ear case" from the side of it.

The publication purports the case will say "Nothing," indicative of more branding changes for its audio devices. Listening time will supposedly land users at around 7.5 hours with ANC off, backed by 33 hours, courtesy of the case.

Nothing will allegedly price the Ear at €150. Estimations put the device debuting at around $162 in the U.S., but this price will likely change as Nothing works out the figures. The device may hit the market sporting two colorways: white and black.

Nothing's "Ear a" will supposedly launch with a yellow colorway.

(Image credit: Android Headlines)

The Nothing "Ear a" is the second product launch the company confirmed last Friday (Apr. 5). The design of the (assumedly) cheaper buds mirrors its higher-end sibling alongside its rumored features. However, there is a difference with the charging case. The alleged photos suggest the "Ear a" case will be much smaller as the company looks toward a rectangular aesthetic.

The buds are seemingly placed much closer together inside the case, as well.

The publication states that there's a slight difference in battery life as the "Ear a" buds will supposedly climb to 8 hours of listening time. Rumors add that the charging case will provide 38 hours of additional energy.

The "Ear a" is rumored to pick up the same white and black colorways as its sibling, as well as a yellow hue. Speculation states this yellow colorway is part of an "eco-friendly" design approach by Nothing.

The "a" moniker of the second Ear product suggests it will reside on the cheaper side of Nothing's products, similar to the Phone 2a. With that, rumors speculate the device could launch at or below €100, which is roughly $108.

Nothing confirmed the upcoming launch of the newly announced "Ear" and "Ear a" last week. The company stated devices are the "ultimate iteration of Nothing audio" as they push ahead for what's next. Nothing has notably dropped the number from its product name, signaling its new focus on what it's delivering and the user experience.

Consumers should expect Nothing to reveal both new devices on April 18.

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