Nothing confirms the 'Ear' and 'Ear a' will arrive later in April

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What you need to know

  • Nothing confirms on X that it plans to unveil the "Ear" and "Ear a" buds on April 18.
  • The company states that the name change will help it better focus on the "product" and "unique experience" it provides for consumers.
  • Little information about the devices has leaked, but the existence of an "a" tag for one suggests it could fall on the budget side like the Phone 2a.

Nothing has been confirmed, but consumers will be treated to two earbud launches from the London-based company later this month.

The company posted on X today (Apr. 5), stating folks should get ready to see the Nothing "Ear" and "Ear a" on April 18. Essentially, the newly announced "Ear" is the successor to the Ear 2 launched in March 2023. The post adds that the upcoming devices are the "ultimate iteration of Nothing audio" and "reflect the culmination of three years of design and innovation."

This also (obviously) comes with a curious name change that makes it seem like we're restarting the series. Nothing states the purpose of its naming strategy reset, which includes removing the series number, is to better focus on "the product and the unique experience."

The company reiterated that it will continue to create premium devices for consumers that prioritize user preference over price.

Nothing started teasing its new earbud device late in March, and the provided teasers made it seem like we were continuing to the Ear 3. The post featured a little tree frog leaping over a black beetle. The latter was used to promote the Ear 2 before it launched in 2023.

The most interesting development is that we're set to receive an "Ear a" to accompany the, assumedly, "flagship-level" buds. With the "a" moniker, the second pair of buds seems to follow Nothing Phone 2a: a budget phone that came with a premium-level design and some slight software/hardware changes to keep the price down.

We don't exactly have much to bite into as Nothing has spilled much information regarding either of the devices. We can refer to Ear 2 as a device that features refined sound and improved ANC capabilities. The device also gained a smaller charging case to make it easier to carry around. Internally, it picked up an 11.6mm custom driver for rich sound.

It remains to be seen where Nothing will go after its 2023 release. Fortunately, we only have a couple of weeks to wait.

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