Apple's leaked Beats Studio earbuds give off major Nothing Ear (2) vibes

Leaked render of the Apple Beats Studio+
(Image credit: Amazon via The Verge)

What you need to know

  • Apple's new Beats Studio Buds Plus leaked and it looks awfully similar to the Nothing Ear (2).
  • The leaked features seem to bring the Studio Buds Plus into a competitive space with the Ear (2) in more ways than one.
  • The removed Amazon listing showed the Beats product for $169.95 which is only a bit higher than the Ear (2)'s $149 tag.

Apple's next Beats-brand earbuds got leaked, and they're giving us vibes similar to the latest launch from the London-based company, Nothing.

The leaks come via a prematurely posted listing for the Beats Studio Buds Plus on Amazon, which has already been taken down (via The Verge). While it's been made evident the new Studio Buds Plus will retain a design close to the previous Beats Studio Buds, the new transparent look reminds us of the Nothing Ear (2).

The earbuds give a clear look at its inner workings, looking quite similar to Nothing's most recent release. The Beats Studio Buds Plus let everything show as the case follows the transparent design language, as well. The Ear (2)'s case is more clear than transparent in that regard. This transparent style is something Nothing has become quite known for, featuring it on its variety of earbuds and the Phone (1).

The removed page stated the Studio Buds Plus would provide 36 hours of battery life, large microphones for improved voice quality, and four sets of ear tips. For comparison, the Nothing Ear (2) also feature 36 hours of listening time, so long as you're carrying around its charging case.

(Image credit: The Verge)

The Verge was able to gather the existence of a stronger ANC (active noise cancellation), improved air venting, and an upgraded transparency mode. The Beats Studio Buds Plus were also detailed to support spatial audio, too.

With features and a design similar to the Ear (2), we find ourselves in an interesting dynamic as Nothing continues trying to make a name for itself, particularly in North America. The company has launched a few products in the U.S., although mainly just earbuds, while we wait for Nothing to bring its next smartphone to the States.

The Beats earbuds were listed for $169.95 on the Amazon page, which is only slightly higher than the Ear (2)'s $149 price tag. They apparently don't feature an Apple chip, meaning many features may also be available for Android phones as well.

Lastly, the Apple-owned company will apparently offer its next iteration of buds in white and black. However, it's not clear when these new earbuds will be announced, but Beats Studio Buds remain some of our favorite wireless earbuds, so we can't wait to get our hands on these new ones.

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