Best heavy duty cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 in 2024

The fun-sized Samsung Galaxy S23 needs some taking care of, and what better way to safeguard it than grabbing a rugged case? These heavy-duty covers are designed for the 6.1-inch S23 device, fitting it perfectly. Your Samsung phone can survive steep falls from any angle and still live to tell the tale in one of these robust cases.

S23 cases that are built like a tank

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Mess around with these rugged S23 cases

Heavy-duty covers provide wonderful levels of protection, but they don't usually look as nice as the best Samsung Galaxy S23 cases. Fortunately, a lot of brands have been paying attention and you do have a variety of fun-loving rugged covers for the S23. They aren't always cheap, but their durable nature makes them worthwhile investments.

The Poetic Neon series case is the best option for the Galaxy S23 if you don't want to bulk it up. While the Neon case doesn't have bonus features such as a kickstand or a wallet attachment, it can survive falls from as high as 20ft and it has super grippy sides. On top of that, its compact body makes it convenient to slip it into pockets or use a car phone holder. You don't have to worry about wireless charging with the cover on either. The edges all jut out to protect the ports and the display in case you end up dropping your phone.

If you don't mind fattening up the petite little S23, there are even more rugged covers you can go for. The Caseborne V is a fantastic option since it has a kickstand on the back, a multi-layered defense system, and a lifetime warranty. Then there's the Vena vCommute Wallet Case which has military-grade durability and also has a secret wallet compartment on its rear side. It isn't available for purchase just yet, but you can pre-order the cover so it ships to you when it launches next month.

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