Best Fitbit Ace LTE bands 2024

Google has finally succeeded the Fitbit Ace 3 children's smartwatch with a new cellular wearable. It's called the Fitbit Ace LTE instead of the Ace 4, which is what we were expecting, but the rest of it is anything but a disappointment.

If you've decided to get the Fitbit Ace LTE for your child, you'll probably want to invest in spare bands. Kids are messy and accidents happen. Besides that, it's also fun for them to have options and personalize their wearables as they like. Any of the best Fitbit Ace LTE bands will suit your child's tender skin and also please them design-wise. As a bonus, each Fitbit Ace LTE band unlocks new items for the watch's character, Eejie.

All of Fitbit's Ace LTE bands look superb

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Choosing the right Fitbit Ace LTE band depends on your child's needs

The Fitbit Ace LTE is easily the best Fitbit for kids. This wearable makes fitness fun by gamifying the process of health tracking and staying active. One of the other most attractive features of this wearable is cellular connectivity, making it a good replacement for a phone.

Just ordered the Fitbit Ace LTE for your little ones? It's time to accessorize! Involve your offspring in the process and enjoy watching them personalize the style of their smartwatch. There are loads of fantastic Fitbit Ace LTE bands to choose from. Google opted for proprietary bands so you can't get third-party picks just yet, but the first-party ones are super cool and not too pricey.

Every Fitbit Ace LTE band unlocks a new Noodle, an outfit for Eejie, and a wide range of fun items for Eejie. Apart from digital collectibles, the material and design of the bands should be decisive factors in picking a band or two for your kid's Fitbit Ace LTE.

The Spooky Pugs Comfort Band is animal and Halloween-themed, which is a really fun mix for character items and the home screen Noodle. Speaking of the band itself, it is an adjustable stretch recycled yarn that is waterproof and comfortable to wear for extended periods. This is our top pick, but really any of these fantastic bands will make your child happy.

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