UGREEN HiTune T3 review: Unbeatable ANC in the budget tier

These cheap earbuds offer unbelievably good noise cancelation.

UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC earbuds held inside case with lid open held in one hand
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Android Central Verdict

The UGREEN HiTune T3 earbuds boast fabulous ANC at an amazing price, leaving very little to complain about. These earbuds sound enticing, are quite comfortable to wear, and feature IPX5 splash resistance. This is a no-frills experience with everything you need, and no extras.


  • +

    Outstanding ANC for the price

  • +

    Bluetooth 5.2 and AI Noise Reduction

  • +

    Very comfy fit

  • +

    Great overall sound quality

  • +

    Decent battery life


  • -

    Glossy finish is a dirt magnet

  • -

    Only IPX5 splash resistance

  • -

    No companion app or EQ

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UGREEN has proven itself as a reliable brand when it comes to charging solutions like USB-C docks, power strips, GaN chargers, adapters, and cables of all sort. Surprisingly, the Chinese company also dabbles in the audio gear side of things.

As you'd expect, UGREEN's audio products don't cost much to acquire. Just like UGREEN's USB-C chargers and power banks, the UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC earbuds are affordably priced and attract customers by providing value for money.

Docking stations, chargers, and power solutions need just the right mix of features and specs to work, and I know UGREEN nails it every time. With only three sets of earbuds under its belt, though, the brand's audio tech faction is pretty new. I was intrigued to see how well the HiTune T3 buds would perform, and whether they'd deliver as well as most of the other products from the brand.

UGREEN HiTune T3: Price and availability

UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC earbuds and case held in the palm of a hand

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

UGREEN launched the HiTune T3 wireless earbuds on May 4, 2022. The budget earbuds are available in black and white. You can purchase a pair from Amazon and various other retailers for $35.99 in the U.S., and £35.99 in the U.K.

UGREEN HiTune T3: What's good

UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC earbuds held in the palm of a hand

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

Everything about UGREEN's HiTune T3 earbuds is pretty simple and straightforward, from the design to the specs. The oval-shaped glossy case is a tad larger then most other TWS cases, but it doesn't slip out of your grip easily. There are three indicative lights on the front, and on the bottom you will find a single button and a USB-C port. The hinge itself is sturdy and clasps shut firmly.

Each of the two earbuds resemble the stick-esque form factor found in popular earbuds like the Apple AirPods. You get three extra sets of ear tips in the box as well as a standard Type C charging cable. I was pleased with the lightweight nature of both the buds and the case. 

With the right sized ear tips on, the HiTune T3 are really comfy to wear for long periods of time. Because they don't weight much, they don't feel like they'll fall out if your ears get sweaty or fatigued.

Tapping the head of each earbud triggers certain controls. You can pause/play, change tracks, answer/end/decline calls, activate the voice assistant, or change the noise cancelation mode. Impressively, the UGREEN HiTune T3 earbuds have a full-blown ANC mode as well as an ambient mode. You can also turn noise cancelation off entirely.

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CategoryUGREEN HiTune T3
Active noise cancelation (ANC)Yes, -25dB of ambient noise
Electronic noise cancelation (ENC)6 ENC mics and Real Clear Voice 4.0 reduce 90% of ambient noise
Drivers10mm PU and wool dynamic drivers
CodecsSBC, AAC
Bluetooth profilesHFP, AVRCP, A2DP
Batteryseven hours on single charge, 24 hours with case
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2
Water resistanceIPX5
Weight1.58 ounces
ColorsBlack, white

UGREEN engineered the HiTune T3 earbuds carefully, outfitting them with Hengxuan Technology's BES2500 chipset and Bluetooth 5.2. The BES2500 SoC for earbuds is favored by budget brands like Soundpeats, as it improves seamless transition and makes hybrid ANC and AI Noise Reduction possible at lower costs. Because of these clever decisions, the ANC on UGREEN's HiTune T3 earbuds cuts down ambient noise by 25 decibels.

Both earbuds sport 10mm dynamic drivers made of a PU and wool composite material. These drivers push out lush, punchy sound that is heavy on the bass. You get high levels of clarity even at max volume levels and well-balanced treble. The HiTune T3 are great if you are fond of heavy, full-bodied audio quality.

The 10mm dynamic drivers push out lush, punchy sound that is heavy on the bass and delivers high levels of clarity.

The HiTune T3 earbuds use AI Noise Reduction to ensure a crispy clear call quality, making them suitable for answering calls even with plenty of noise in the background. To add to their versatility, the buds have an IPX5 splash proof rating, so you can wear them during workout sessions too.

The battery life on these cheap wireless earbuds is satisfactory. You get seven hours of playback from a single charge. Pop them back in the case, and the total uptime increases to 24 hours of usage. If you're running low on juice, 10 minutes of charging gives you an hour's worth of playback, which is really handy. Charging the UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC earbuds fully takes about an hour and half.

UGREEN HiTune T3: What's not good

UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC earbuds inside case held in one hand

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

It's hard to find fault with the UGREEN HiTune T3 earbuds because the overall value prospect is so good. Still, there are some minor flaws here and there. For starters, let's talk about the design of the case. Its glossy finish is a magnet for fingerprints, and gets extremely filthy very quickly.

While the buds themselves are snug and offer a comfortable wear experience, I don't like the stick shape very much. That's a personal preference though, and I'll admit that it's not a big enough factor for me to pass up on such a good deal. However, the carrying case is quite large, and I wish the buds and the case were all a bit more compact.

Seeing as these wireless Bluetooth earbuds are so cost-effective, it makes sense why UGREEN decided to forgo the inclusion of a companion app. Sadly, this means that there's no equalizer to play around with, and you can't customize the touch controls either. Not being able to change the touch controls is a bummer because you can't change the volume level with the T3 earbuds' touch interface.

Many earbuds that sit in the same price tier as the UGREEN HiTune T3 offer a much higher IP rating as well. I really wish the HiTune T3 earbuds had a more robust rating: For instance, the TOZO T6 cost lesser than the UGREEN buds, but still feature an IPX8 waterproof rating, and even have Qi wireless charging.

UGREEN HiTune T3: Competition

Man wearing Tozo NC2 earbuds.

(Image credit: Tozo)

UGREEN faces stark competition in the charger market, and it's the same scenario when it comes to earbuds under $50. The TOZO NC2 earbuds also have ANC, Bluetooth 5.2, an IPX6 rating, and you get around 32 hours of uptime including the case. Interestingly, TOZO's noise cancelling earbuds can charge wirelessly on top of the usual wired USB-C charging.

For a few more bucks, you can score the stylish Back Bay Audio Tempo 30 earbuds. Back Bay's budget offering touts a solid IPX7 water resistance, and comes in three stylish colorways in addition to the plain old black variant.

Alternatively, you could also consider the Anker Soundcore Life P2 Mini earbuds for a smaller footprint, and similar specs such as Bluetooth 5.2, IPX5 splash resistance, and 32 hours of uptime. The Anker earbuds have a customizable EQ, one-upping the UGREEN HiTune T3 in that category.

UGREEN HiTune T3: Should you buy it?

UGREEN HiTune T3 ANC earbuds inside case with lid open held in one hand

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

You should buy this if...

  • You want excellent ANC.
  • You have a really constricted budget.
  • You like bass-heavy audio.
  • You need ergonomic earbuds.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You expect flagship features.
  • You need better waterproofing.
  • You want a customizable equalizer.

The UGREEN HiTune T3 don't fail to deliver consistently good audio quality. You can easily go about your business wearing these earbuds during light rainfalls, running errands, taking work calls, or going to the gym. In the long run, you won't easily tire of them, as the buds don't cause any discomfort over prolonged periods of use, and they sound great.

Like I said before, you'll find it very hard to pick on the HiTune T3 earbuds. The active noise cancelation feature works spectacularly well, and I am confident in saying that you won't find similar ANC on any other pair of wireless headphones in this price bracket. These are some seriously well-rounded off true wireless earbuds. If you need something for everyday use, I recommend them without hesitation.

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