Pixel Buds Pro update offers a glimpse at custom EQ, volume balancing

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What you need to know

  • A recent update for the Pixel Buds app offers us a glimpse at a customizable equalizer and volume balancing.
  • The update hints at a five-band equalizer that would find itself landing in the hands of Pixel Buds Pro users.
  • A volume balancing feature would allow users to customize the loudness of each ear while watching videos or listening to music.

Google begins rolling out an update for the Pixel buds app that contains hints within its code about new features for the Pixel Buds Pro

According to 9to5Google, a new update bearing version 1.0.474476083 is beginning its rollout to users of the Pixel Buds app. Within this new update, there are hints in the code regarding a new equalizer and volume balancing coming for the Pixel Buds Pro.

A report earlier this summer stated we could see a full five-band EQ coming for the Pixel Buds Pro later this year. We're now beginning to see that as 9to5 has found five EQ options: Low Bass, Bass, Mid, Treble, and Upper Treble, referenced in the latest app's update code.

Since third-party EQ apps weren't guaranteed to work for everyone using the Pixel Buds Pro, this was a feature that probably should've had its debut when the product was released. It's definitely something we wished we had already available to us in our review of the Pixel Buds Pro. In fact, it's one of the few faults we found with the earbuds. Now, with an equalizer seemingly close to fruition, users may soon be able to unleash the full power of one of the best wireless earbuds with varying sound options and customizations.

For users looking for a little more ease in their EQ settings, there are also references to there being several pre-made sound options such as Balanced, Clarity, Default, Heavy Bass, Last Saved, Light Bass, and Vocal Boost.

Lastly, there are references that Google is looking to add in a volume balancing feature. This would give users the ability to set the volume of music and video at different levels for each earbud.

There really isn't a date for when the features will be released, but seeing as how the references to EQ and volume balancing were discovered in the latest update's code, it's only a matter of time before Google's best earbuds become even better.

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